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Richard Rost             
3 years ago
Added the ability to force your reboot at the top of the hour. See addendum.
Adam Schwanz             
3 years ago
Awesome, have been waiting for a way to force reboots to be added :). Thanks
Richard Rost             
3 years ago
Force reboots at a timed interval have always been in there - since ver 1.0. I just added a bit of code to make it reboot at the top of the hour instead of whenever it has been an hour since the last reboot.
Brad Weekley        
3 years ago
Can you help me understand why we need force reboots?
Adam Schwanz             
3 years ago
OH, well then... I'm just going to pretend they haven't ;)

@Brad - Numerous reasons you'd want to be able to force reboot remotely. The two biggest ones would be if you needed to get someone out of a table/form for backups or some kind of data changing query. Or if they never close access and never get the updates you push out, this forces them to :).
Brad Weekley        
3 years ago
Ok. That makes sense, but once an hour?  That seems like it will cause issues during the work day when other users are in the middle of using the database.  Im missing something here.  Right now, I have an On Timer event that forces a Quit at 3:30am.  So Im the morning when the users come to work, it forces them to update via the Updater.  That was all part of the Updater or BackUp databases from Richard.  
So, Im still puzzled as to why you would want to reboot either the FE or BE once an hour.
Richard Rost             
3 years ago
Brad, in my case, I have a "server" PC which runs all of the automated processes for my business: pulling orders down from the web site, sending out auto emails, etc. It's constantly doing "stuff." Access is a wonderful application, but it's not really designed to run for days or weeks at a time constantly doing "stuff." It's got memory leaks, especially if you're using a database that you started building in 2004 and slowly upgraded over the course of 17 years. Like Scotty says, "The energizer's bypassed like a Christmas tree, so don't give me too many bumps." Rebooting once a day is usually more than enough, however I've got mine set to restart every hour, on the hour. This way the database always stays nice and fresh, and I've got an audible clock in my office. :) But yes, for the average office worker, forcing a reboot at, say 3am is usually good enough. They're guaranteed to get any updates at least once a day, and you shouldn't have to worry about memory leaks.

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