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Enter Parameter Value from AE1 Upload Images   Link   Email  
Lisa Messer      
3 years ago
This is something that has been driving me nuts in our own Database. In following along in Access Expert 1 (3rd video), with using the BlankDatabase I deleted some stuff, but it isn't exactly what you have in this video. But I did get  "Enter Parameter Value" when I open the query OrderInvoiceQ and the Parameter Value is "Forms!OrderF!OrderID". I opened the query and there was no data in there. So I opened the OrderF form and the first one was Order ID 1 with and order date for Training Customer Richard Rost. There were 3 records, Second one is James T Kirk who ordered Starship Parts and 3rd was Richard Rost again who ordered a New PC. Ok so why was the query empty? So I closed out the query and reopened it and when I did, the order that I was on in the forms, showed up in the query, also didn't get the Parameter error. So I went to my own Database and the Parameter Value refers to a form but I am trying to open a form. So when I go to the form that it is referring to, open it and then open my form, I don't get that error. My form gives me all the info that I am needing, I just don't know how to fix it from giving me and the other users, that error.
Lisa Messer      
3 years ago
Ha! I found the answer on why it has to be open in order to give a value. Although on our DB it doesn't need to be open to give data in the report. I didn't create the query  or the form, it just drives me nuts that it is happening.
Scott Axton            
3 years ago
Lisa -
99.99% of the time you spelled something wrong.  
See the Enter Parameter Value video.
If you still have issues please let us know.  Also, take a screen shot and post it using the link in the upper right of you original post of your query and any other info you think might help us.
Adam Schwanz             
3 years ago
The error is that you're calling for a parameter, a value from that form, and the form isn't even open so it asks for it. When the form is open and you run it, it can see the Forms!OrderF!OrderID off the open OrderF form. The Forms!Formname!Fieldname syntax only works if the field is currently open. Watch this. Value From a Form
Scott Axton            
3 years ago
Lisa -
I misread your issue and Adams response is correct in this case. (Nice catch Adam!)
Mine isn't wrong per se but doesn't apply directly to your question in this case.  (The other .01%)

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