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Richard Rost             
3 years ago
I'm trying something new. Quick tips. 3 minutes or less. Trying to accommodate the short attention spans of today's youth and then hopefully move them into longer classes once they see how awesome I am. LOL.

Lots of people are using mobile devices now, hence the vertical orientation of the video. Although in the future I may make two versions of each video IF this takes off.

Started with Excel because lots more people use it, and I'm not sure if Access tips would do well in this format. What do you think?

I'd appreciate your thoughts.
Adam Schwanz             
3 years ago
I like the fast videos, quick to the point tips for easy stuff.

Although I'm not a fan of the vertical orientation. I've watched a lot of the videos on my phone and it's worked great so far watching it with flipping my phone horizontally for the full screen view.

This works but it feels so weird to me now to hold my phone straight up and down to get full screen resolution. And the computer view looks kind of strange to me too. Maybe it just takes some getting used to. I'm down for anything that gets more videos :)
Richard Rost             
3 years ago
Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of vertical orientation either... but when EVERY other video is oriented that way, I need to fit in without making people turn their phones. I'm seeing a lot of other educational / tips videos on apps like TikTok now so I'm jumping on that bandwagon. Gonna try a couple of them and see how it goes...
Scott Axton            
3 years ago
Friends don't let friends video vertical...
Vertical isn't for me.  Especially for Access where it is desktop only.  My opinion is keep it horizontal.
I see very few YT videos that are vertical.  Most people that watch on mobile just turn the phone.

Run Length??  The longer videos don't bother me.  I can see using the short teaser to get people to the the full length separately.  I will say I kind of like it when you break out into 15-20 min segments, like in class,  just because it's easier to watch that length in one sitting vs a 1-2 hour class.

Some things like this subject really don't lend itself to a 15 min video.  Short is good too.

Richard Rost             
3 years ago
Yeah, I wouldn't do anything longer than a 3 minute video in vertical format. Like you said... mostly teasers. I think moving forward I might just make these kinds of videos to "tease" a longer TechHelp video.
Richard Rost             
3 years ago
I'm still deciding... it's brand new... so I appreciate all the feedback. We're all seasoned veterans though. Trying to go after a younger market with all this new Rock n Roll music and blue jeans...
Scott Axton            
3 years ago
Re Tik Tok I refuse to use it - for personal political reasons.  I wish the ban had gone through.
You will definitely hit a different demographic than YT.  Younger for sure.  I bet that age bracket is under 25.
Richard Rost             
3 years ago
Yeah it started out as just girls dancing in bikinis, but I've checked it out a couple of times over the past few months just to see what all the hype is about, and there are now a LOT of reputable companies putting content on there, including a few of my competitors (I use that word loosely... nobody can touch my stuff. LOL. JK). As far as the political thing goes, yeah... I hear ya. I hate all politicians. Everywhere. So, I'm an equal opportunity hater. :)
Adam Schwanz             
3 years ago
Not a fan of TikTok either but I can see why a video like this would have appeal if it could make it into the recommended list of videos for users on an app like that or be more "friendly" to that demo.

Off topic, Speaking of recommended videos... has anyone else spent a couple hours watching videos before on youtube and seen where the recommended can take you? I want to know what that algorithm is on... I'll start out watching a technical video, end up moving towards space somehow, discover aliens, fly back to earth, discover the earth is flat, find out big foot is real, anonymous is in my computer, something political, next video is in another language, then I'm watching a video on cats. All this in like a 10 video string, what an adventure LOL, but how...
Scott Axton            
3 years ago
Millions of creators would love to know what YT recommended algorithm is.  If you ever figure out that one you could become a rick man.
Richard Rost             
3 years ago
I'm not sure how their algorithm works, but I've noticed the same thing. Every night when I'm going to sleep, I'll put on "How the Universe Works" or "Star Talk" or something like that and just let it play while I drift off. I'll wake up in the morning and something completely off topic is playing. :)
Scott Axton            
3 years ago
Rick - rich one in the same right?
Richard Rost             
3 years ago
Yeah, I wish.
Bert Harmsma       
3 years ago
I'm also not a fan of vertical view. Funny videos are okay to watch vertical but as soon as I see something worth, like your TechHelp,  I will go to my desktop.

And I also dont use TikTok
Juan C Rivera             
3 years ago
I like the vertical as long as it's short.  It gets my attension as I travel and when I go home I hunt for the video to watch on my computer.  On the vertical I cant do much (fat Fingers) but it sparks curiosity.  

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