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Ina van Rooyen        
3 years ago
I installed the updater and did everything exactly as in the lesson.  None of the timers is and my MainMenu does not load at the end.  It just sits on the Access Updater form.
I went through the whole process twice.
What did I miss?
Ina van Rooyen        
3 years ago

Ina van Rooyen        
3 years ago
....None of the timers is working and my MainMenu does not load automatically.
Scott Axton            
3 years ago
Two things I'm seeing.  Those may or may not be the problem.

1.  It appears from the picture, you have spaces in front of your path for Remote DB
2.  It looks to me that your db file has a space in it.  Redrobiena DogsV1.accdb

I'm pretty old school here, so old habits die hard.  I remember when Microsoft introduced "long filenames" and you could finally get past the "8.3" file names.  There were issues way back where spaces caused problems.  Fast forward to today - I still NEVER use a space in a path or filename.
My recommendation is that you get rid of all spaces in those. It has saved me many head aches.

Just need to make sure:  Have you made ANY changes to the code at all to customize it for your needs?   (Other than filling out the path to the databases?)

Triple check your spelling.  Even to the point of having someone else double check you.

Scott Axton            
3 years ago
Try doing this from your local PC.  (Take the server out of the mix.) -
If you follow along with the video 2. Setup Instructions above, and create a test install like Richard is doing, does the program work for you?
Ina van Rooyen        
3 years ago

Ina van Rooyen        
3 years ago

Ina van Rooyen        
3 years ago
Thank you for your reply, Scott.
Just to clarify, there are no spaces in front of the path for Remote DB. I clicked on it to make sure the path is correct and checked again, no spaces there.
I took out the spaces in my database name and directory.
I then did a fresh installation as you suggested and as you can see from the screen shots that's what I get.
It does the update from the admin directory to the server(Data) and again from the server(Data) to the user directory.
These are the settings files:

Username: admin
RemoteDB: C:\Users\pierr\Documents\AccessDatabase\Data\RedrobienaDogsV1.accdb
LocalDB: C:\Users\pierr\Documents\AccessDatabase\Admin\RedrobienaDogsV1.accdb
LastUpdate: 27/11/2021 6:45:49 AM
StartupForm: Mainmenuf
RebootXMin: 0
WarningSec: 10
LastReboot: 27/11/2021 6:45:49 AM

Username: user
RemoteDB: C:\Users\pierr\Documents\AccessDatabase\Data\RedrobienaDogsV1.accdb
LocalDB: C:\Users\pierr\Documents\AccessDatabase\User\RedrobienaDogsV1.accdb
LastUpdate: 27/11/2021 7:45:4
Ina van Rooyen        
3 years ago

Ina van Rooyen        
3 years ago
Ok, the Main Menu opens now!
I run Debug Compile Database and it highlighted IsLoaded. I google IsLoaded and the results all show this format.
Is this because I use Office 365 or because I'm on 64-bit?
Scott Axton            
3 years ago
Just double checking here, is the name of your original startup form actually MainMenuF or is it MainMenu or even a different name?
I'm asking because you typed both and that would make a difference on it not loading.

I suggest taking your database, user, and server out of the way for a moment.
Create a new blank "Sandbox" folder and go play with the updater.  Heck you could even name it Sandbox.  LOL
Now copy the downloaded updater zip to that folder and unzip it there.

While watching Video 2 - Setup Instructions go through step by step what Richard is showing on the screen.  Follow it exactly and don't rush.  Pause the video or even back it up as necessary.
I think you are 99% there with your data base and you are just missing the little 1% that is not letting it work.

Maybe that will clue you in to what you are missing in your db.  Unfortunately I'm not able to see over your shoulder what you are doing. The AU vs US time difference doesn't help either.
Richard Rost             
3 years ago
Yes, it seems to me like you've got something wrong in the config. It's POSSIBLE, although unlikely, that your file paths are too long. Can you shorten them?
Scott Axton            
3 years ago

Richard - I don't think path length is an issue here.  Mine is 103 characters long and works fine.  Yeah its buried pretty deep.
Ina's is 68.

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