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Carmen Vazquez      
2 years ago
I shared my tables to Sharepoint Lists but now I'm getting an error and I think it's from the table - "The maximum number of characters allowed is 255"

Do I have to clear this setting from all the tables before moving them?
Richard Rost             
2 years ago
What kinds of fields are these? Long text?
Carmen Vazquez      
2 years ago
These are all short text and long text.  I'm getting the issue as soon as I click on the form - even in the date field
Richard Rost             
2 years ago
Interesting. Never seen that behavior before. First run down the Troubleshooter. If that doesn't work, post a few screen shots so I can see what's happening.
Carmen Vazquez      
2 years ago
I will do that and get back to you.
Carmen Vazquez      
2 years ago
I did the following:
1) removed the SharePoint link
2) Compact & Repair (backup too)
3) went through and tested my forms with no issues
4) re-link to SharePoint list
5) delete existing tables
6) re-name sharepoint links since they had a (1) at the end
7) clicked on a field on my form and the pop-up message was:
      The Maximum number of characters allowed is 255

I think I've narrowed it down to a specific table because even though I get the error message it still accepts the date I've chosen, any text entered and drop downs picked until I get to the drop down for this table.  I literally wouldn't let me move out of the field nor save, just kept yelling at me about the maximum number of characters. I had to exit the form to get out of it.  

There is nothing that sets that table apart from the others.  The previous combo box has an OnChange event to requery the Scope Categories combo box.

Carmen Vazquez      
2 years ago

Richard Rost             
2 years ago
That's weird. I've never encountered that before. Try removing options from that list until you find the one causing it? Start with the longest ones? This is one of those things that's very hard to troubleshoot without being able to play with your database.
Jon Capps         
2 years ago
Permissions 10:56 there is a quick blurb about publish entire database to sharepoint, did this get covered in a later topic or class?
Carmen Vazquez      
2 years ago
I managed to fix the issue, I reverted back to local tables.  

There is an option on my Access > Database Tools > under Move Data there's a SharePoint option.

I used that and it got rid of the issue.

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