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Angelika Senn      
2 years ago
I entered the code as shown in lesson 1 7:52
My field names have slightly different names, but I adapted all to my case and checked it 100 times. It doesn't work.

Isn't it possible to build it with the Marco-Builder? I'm not very good with code and I'm not planning to become a Access developer neither. I'd just like to build my Data Base. One advantage of Access and reason why I've chosen it is that one can build WITHOUT code.

Thanks for your answer.
Adam Schwanz             
2 years ago
The coding part is really simple once you get slightly involved into the coding, you don't need to go so deep that you're doing recordsets and advanced stuff, but this quick easy stuff like opening a form you should know how to do. For me personally, and I'd imagine most other people who can answer this question, is we learn macros and then once we progressed to VBA we forgot 99% of macros because there's not really a good reason to use them. Not to mention if your code doesn't work, making a macro to mimic it is probably not going to work either.

Onto troubleshooting the problem, is there an error that you get or what happens when you push the button? Is YOUR field that you changed it to a short text field instead of a number and thus you may need to use double quotation? If you don't mind uploading some pictures I'm sure we could figure out the problem. Snip & Sketch
Angelika Senn      
2 years ago

Angelika Senn      
2 years ago
Thanks for your answer. Here's the picture :)
Adam Schwanz             
2 years ago
Your missing an equal sign there in your picture, you also have an N in docmd

Try  this
DoCmd.OpenForm "HelperCF",,,"IDHTCategoryNumber=" & IDHelperTable
Angelika Senn      
2 years ago
Creazy, I checked it so many times...
It works, thank you :D
Richard Rost             
2 years ago
Angelika, I know you say you don't like VBA coding, but I wouldn't even attempt to modify the ABCD with macros. It's so heavily built on VBA. In the end, it's up to you... but I wouldn't recommend it.

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