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Allan McConnell       
2 years ago
I have downloaded the database template for Expert Course 11 and note that the Dsum is not working for the Orders in last 30 days:
I have changed all the dates in the orders and added new sales to ensure I have dates within range of the criteria.
Everything shows that it should work but? Could you please check your template at Expert Course 11 to see that it is working and confirm please?
Kevin Robertson            
2 years ago
Orders in the last 30 days gets its value from OrdersForStatsQ. IsPaid has a criteria of True so unpaid orders don't show up. To see ALL orders in the last 30 days, simply remove the criteria in the Query.
Allan McConnell       
2 years ago
Hi Kevin
No what I am saying is that it is not showing anything at all.
I noticed this when I first downloaded the database and set all dates in the orders to meet the 30 day criteria, set the paid to true and then added some new orders to be sure and set those to paid.
I have worked through all the workings, dates etc and for some reason it is not working.
If you download or open the current database template for expert 11, you may see what I am referring to or it may work? I am trying to confirm if someone else has seen this?
If it works for other and not for me, it has to be with settings and I am trying to narrow that down.
Allan McConnell       
2 years ago

Allan McConnell       
2 years ago

Allan McConnell       
2 years ago
=DSum("LineTotal","OrdersForStatsQ","OrderDate>=#" & Date()-30 & "#")

Control source is as above
Dates are within date criteria and also marked as True.
My file is set and saved in a trusted folder. (No restrictions on Macro's)
Need to add that my date order is set to Australian DD MM YYYY settings. (I checked that also to be certain.)

Kevin Robertson            
2 years ago
Access seems to have problems with dates  that aren't in the U.S. format.
If you put the criteria in the query instead of the DSum it should work (see screenshot)
Kevin Robertson            
2 years ago

Kevin Robertson            
2 years ago
Also see this video. ISO Date Format
Allan McConnell       
2 years ago
Hi Kevin
Thank you so much. Solved thank you and now working. Good tip for the Land down under users and students.
This was driving me crazy as I was thinking that I should have been able to work it out myself.
I did suspect the ISO format, that why I took the time to mention my format, but still in the learning phase for that and did not suspect that it would have had a flow on effect to the DSum, but does in this case.
All new for me, as I have never used this until now, which is helping me to expand my world.
Scott Axton            
2 years ago
Kevin FTW - Good Job!

I was like, " No it's working just fine for me."  I didn't put together the fact that Allan was possibly using a different date format.  Glad you got that sorted Allan.
Richard Rost             
2 years ago
That's one of the reasons why I wanted to put flags in here on everyone's name because almost every date problem is because of different regional date formats.

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