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Windows 11 Taskbar Problem Upload Images   Link   Email  
Richard Rost             
2 years ago
Oh man... I hate, hate, HATE how Windows 11 forces you to group all Taskbar icons together. I like having the separate WITH LABELS like Windows 10 and before allowed. I need to see the separate Chrome window titles that I have opened on multiple screens.

Does anyone know of a solution for this? I spent about an hour Googling and nothing works. One guy even posted some registry key hacks that looked promising, but didn't work.

Another guy recommended a paid app that "brings back" Taskbar functionality from Windows 10 like this... but I shouldn't have to PAY to get back functionality that Windows USED to have!

I remember when they did this moving from Windows 7 to 8 and they nuked the Start Button.

THE START BUTTON! Part of Windows since... 1995!

I had to buy a utility called Classic Shell which restored the functionality you expected from Windows - and then they did a quick about-face with Windows 10 and put it back they way everyone wanted.

But... to my Windows 11 problem... anyone know of anything?
Richard Rost             
2 years ago
And yes... I've been working with Windows 11 for a while now, but just on my travel laptop. I still have Windows 10 on all of my office production (work) machines. I'm slow to upgrade my own personal stuff until someone ELSE works out all the problems. But I'm just discovering now how much of a pain this Win 11 taskbar is!!!!!
Kevin Robertson            
2 years ago
Have you tried ExplorerPatcher?
Kevin Robertson            
2 years ago

Alex Hedley             
2 years ago
Do I see GitHub
Nice wiki write up.
Kevin Robertson            
2 years ago
Yeah, it works well. I personally prefer the Windows 11 Grouping.
Scott Axton            
2 years ago
I'm less than fond of 11 so far.  Had to buy a new printer because it wouldn't recognize it.  That printer still works great on Win 10.

Problem is I need to look at a new laptop.  I DON'T want 11.  What do you do though?
Dan Jackson              
2 years ago
Meme Time! I hate hate hate the idea of windows 11. So fat. So Bloated. So Loaded. Imma hold back still Steam release steamOS for PC, then its bye bye Windows forever! (Sorry for the rant!!!)
Dan Jackson              
2 years ago

Dan Jackson              
2 years ago

Dan Jackson              
2 years ago

Dan Jackson              
2 years ago

Richard Rost             
2 years ago
Haha. Nice memes. I just installed ExplorerPatcher. Seems to do the job. Video forthcoming.

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