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Thomas Gonder       
2 years ago
I come from a legacy system that kept data and time in separate fields. For data entry, the users did a lot of entry on standard keyboard. I was able to speed up their entry significantly by having them type in dates like this on the numeric pad (and the system, by default, handled the conversion just fine):
11.1 = nov 1 this year
11.1.21 =  nov 1 2021
11.1.99 = nov 1 2099 (assume this century)
11.1.1999 = nov 1 1999 (must specify last century)
I can't think of a situation where I want just a time without a date, and if you do, then the date becomes something useless like Dec 30, 1899 for formatted display and calculations. So, let's force a date entry and make time optional.

It was rare that I entered times for 99% of the apps. For time cards apps, the time was just the system clock without need for entry. I don't want employees entering that they arrived to work thirty minutes earlier than they did!

However, there are a few times I want to enter a date with a time, like if the supervisor has to adjust the time card.
Or I want something to happen at a specific time in the future. It would be nice if users could just enter a DATE and TIME like this:

1.12 0901 or just 0901 and have today's date added automatically for the entry.

Since in most situations, time isn't important, but if the user wants to enter it for some reason, like on a birth date, then go ahead, be my guest, it's not costing me anything in storage of date fields.

Since I now deal in multi-language environments, I'm starting to think of entering and displaying dates in YY{yy].MM.DD for all users to simplify and clarify entry.

I don't mind some VBA and would probably make it universal for all my date entries given that M$ did a pretty piss-poor job anticipating high-speed data entry needs.

Got any good ideas how to do this?

Thomas Gonder       
2 years ago
I've started writing the function to do all this for display and entry. I'll get back if I hit a snag.
Alex Hedley             
2 years ago
Have you seen the template: Access Date Time Picker
Thomas Gonder       
2 years ago
I'm trying to use that free sample, but it's not working, post in the appropriate thread.
It's definitely a cool looking way to enter dates, but not "high-speed" when a form has dozens of date fields that need to be entered. My data entry people used to enter form records with 40+ fields in less than 50 seconds. That's allowing for one or two seconds to enter a date.

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