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Hangs in my 2021 Access Upload Images   Link   Email  
Thomas Gonder 
I've got Win 10 21H2 and Office Professional Plus 2021 64-bit.
I downloaded and unzipped the file. Opened the data base file.

If I do Popup Forms, Date 1 Select Date, Access hangs, can't do anything, I have to shut Access down. Same with Date 2 double-click. The embedded forms seem to work okay.

The hang consists of being able to move the mouse, but trying to left-click anywhere in Access results in a beep. The only way to get out is close the window from the task bar.

I moved the  Date Time Calendar Clock.accde to another laptop with similar configuration and had the same problem.

Are there some special settings that are needed to properly use or is there a problem with newer versions of Access?
Dan Jackson
Hi Thomas,

I can confirm it isn't a problem your end. I also tried running the sample database and, when going to pop up forms, Date1 Select date, the database does indeed hang.

Richard Do you have this issue Rick? I can confirm i ran it from a trusted location.
Richard Rost
Checking now...
Kevin Robertson
I ran the full version On CalendarF turned off Popup, turned it back on and saved the form. After that it worked perfectly.
Richard Rost
Yep. That was the problem. I have 4 monitors on my desk, and I saved the popup/modal forms in a location that would appear OFF of my main screen - so unless you had a monitor 2 over the top of your primary screen, you wouldn't see them. They were there, but just saved in a position off screen. I just fixed the databases and uploaded new copies. Should work OK now. I'm surprised nobody else has said anything. These files are at least a few years old. This would make a good tip video. :)
Thomas Gonder
I deleted all the old files and folder from my laptop.
I refreshed the web page to download the sample database file.
Downloaded, unzipped ran and it still has the problem.
Based upon the previous post alt-F4 at least gets me out of the hidden window.
Dan Jackson
Sorry Rick but this is a punishable moment...
Dan Jackson

Dan Jackson
Thomas, It is working for me now where as it wasn't before. I would try an incognito (Or Private) window in case you're still using the old link. Also try log off/back on again. Clear your browser history and final resort, restart computer.

This link definitely does work now
Richard Rost
Yeah, clear your cache.
Thomas Gonder
The fact that no one mentioned the error means:
1) They trust Richard and buy without trying
2) They try and then don't buy based on it not working
3) They try, it doesn't work, but they buy based upon a leap of faith.

I did a bit of testing on the Embedded Calendar Form. I'm surprised that Richard repeated the same design problem that I've encountered on dozens of web pages. Many pages want my birthdate, but force me to use their calendar for entry (no text box). Don't they know how stupid it is to force me to click the left arrow (for year) 60+ times to enter my birth date? What would my grandfather scream if he had to do that?
Thomas Gonder
a punishable moment
I don't know if Dan's comment was for me,
I did go read Richard's cache post, and I have to admit, I'm surprised the browser would just not download the new file over the old one (it happens so quick with small files, I wouldn't know). Okey, it's in cache, but geez, why would I be downloading it again if the old download was good? Doh! Or don't browser downloads, these days, have metadata to check that something has changed like date, size or CRC?

Anyways, I checked in the recycle bin, and sure enough, the second file I tested had a date of 2/10, usually I check those, must have been impatient to see the sample work. And it does (work).
Richard Rost
Thomas, I'm going to go with #1. The template has been selling, so I'll bet most people buy it without downloading the sample. I could check the server logs, but that's my guess.

Entering the year: good point. You're the first person to bring this up. I personally hate that too. Your feature request has been added - to the full database, of course. See notes on the page.

I'm sure the "punishable moment" was for me. LOL
Dan Jackson
Punishable moment was for Richard. I can only imagine how many brain cells are burning when Excel is referred to as a "real database"!
Thomas Gonder
Richard, why popup and ask for the year? I think you said it was all done with forms, so just put a textbox where you have the year, and enter it in there.

This thread is now CLOSED. If you wish to comment, start a NEW discussion in Access Date Time Picker.


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