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Tiffany Hunter      
2 years ago
I have been exploring your different options for memberships and I believe learning connection is right for me, but I am nervous that as the classes get more expensive, I may not be able to keep up (financially). I am only interested (at this time) in the access courses as that is where my focus is right now.

I really love learning from you but my finances can be volatile depending on the time of year. I breed goats so kidding season I have a larger financial ability to sink into learning whereas the fall tends to be my "just barely getting by" phase each year!

Can I PAUSE my learning connection "shipments" as $$ becomes tighter and then resume later on when I have additional funds or would it be better to go with MYOLP?
Scott Axton            
2 years ago
Tiffany you are likely to receive multiple opinions but here goes.
If it were me, I think the initial Annual Beginner MYOLP $79 coupled with the Annual Gold TechHelp at $95 would get you the most bang for the buck.  Not kidding around!  (Sorry couldn't resist.)  That gives you a whole years worth of learning starting at ground zero for roughly $175.  
The Gold TH gives you the ability to download the code and access to the Gold Vault. You can learn a lot by looking at the DBs Richard builds.
The MYOLP gives you the advantage of 50% off additional courses if you want to progress faster.
Plus with an annual sub you don't have the worry of not having the resources at the time and having to pause the delivery of the next course.
Richard is pretty easy going if you decide to upgrade because you want to move to the next level.

Hope that helps!  Ask questions if you have them.
Scott Axton            
2 years ago
Clarification - The Gold membership price takes advantage of the 20% discount off for the annual when signing up through this site.

Just so you know.  The above and previous message is MY OPINION.  I'm not paid by Richard and I don't gain in any way from anything you purchase.  I too live on a budget and I just feel that this would get you started in the best way.
The great thing about doing it this way, is you can determine for yourself, OK I can put aside $25, or, $40, or what ever a month and by the time your anniversary rolls around you can re-evaluate the learning path you want to take.

BTW:  I didn't think I would use the 'other' classes either.  I'm finding that the more I learn, the more I want to utilize the other MS Office programs. Especially Excel and Word as it relates to Access.
Adam Schwanz             
2 years ago
I would recommend at least the Gold level tech help membership as well. At this point he has made so many videos in there that nothing else even comes close in cost-wise efficiency. And he's always adding more, that would keep you busy year-round and you could learn an assortment of things.
Tiffany Hunter      
2 years ago
Thank you guys for the advice! I also can see that I will want to learn other courses in the future so I'm trying to make smart decisions from the beginning. I have spent days going back-and-forth between the Different options and couldn't decide between them! It helps having 2 people say the same advice!
Richard Rost            
2 years ago
I don't mind extended pauses for Learning Connection if they ask me nicely. 😁

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