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James McFadden       
2 years ago
I am working with the Full Genealogy Template. I am modifying it to an extent (Foreign Key name change, different naming conventions, etc.) I am importing data from the LDS  Database. (A project for my niece.) With persons born in the 1400 - 1800 time period, all there is most of the time, is a birth year and a death year (if that.) Is it possible to auto calculate age, without jumping through hoops, splitting strings, etc. using the invalid dates: 0/0/1723 and 0/0/1769 as an example, entered simply as 1723 and 1769 as LifeEventDate in the LifeEventF, (or as 0/0/1723,)  then reflected in the PersonF Age, Born/Died fields. Just looking at it; one can see that the age is about 45 -- 46. But when dealing with several hundred of the same, well., even very verbose code would be better, and I have some ideas. (In the process a label is made visible "Age is approximate," triggered by validation logic, in a separate function etc.) The fields on the form are formatted mm/dd/yyyy. Calculations are by the functions as you have written them. (except the foreign key name change.) Hopefully this is clear enough. Thanks
Scott Axton            
2 years ago

For me, this might be a case of it may be advantageous to splitting out the date into 3 fields.
BirthYear  - Number
BirthMonth - Number
BirthDay  Number

Then you could do math very easily id BMonth and BDay are empty.  Alternatively combining the dates using  DateSerial would be equally as easy.
Kevin Robertson             
2 years ago
I had a similar problem a while back, so I used 2 separate fields - one for an actual date (DateTime) and the other for non-dates (Short Text). Worked well for my needs.

The screenshot below shows three of my records:

1 - An actual date (and time, if needed).
2 - The year only.
3 - Other Date Information.
Kevin Robertson             
2 years ago

James McFadden       
2 years ago
Thank you Gentlemen, for taking the time to respond. Both solutions look promising. Currently I have moved to another issue, but will return to this issue as soon as I clear up the other issue. (query returning ID from Parent Report to sub Report incremented by 1 (ID in report is 1, return is 2) makes daughter a spouse... ooopssss! Logical error. Thanks again gentlemen, Don't worry about the second issue though.
James McFadden       
2 years ago
Thank you again gentlemen. Both solutions get the job done. I am not certain which solution I will use in the final database, however'they have made my job easier. My college professors, (a lifetime ago) stopped answering my questions'because they figured out that I generally came up with the solution'before they could respond. However, it took me quite some time to solve the issue(s), the answer to which was fairly obvious.  I would tip you both, but there is some security issue with my PayPal account'one more issue to deal with...
James McFadden       
2 years ago
Not exactly as elegant as I would hope, but this is the solution I came up with. Any thoughts?
James McFadden       
2 years ago

James McFadden       
2 years ago

Kevin Robertson             
2 years ago
Looks great James.
Scott Axton            
2 years ago
I agree - Glad you got it worked out!!
Thank you for the generous tip as well.  Happy to help.

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