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Kent Jamison       
2 years ago
I've tried dozens of permutations, but nothing works.  Why can't you use DateAdd functions in a calculated field in a table?  It seems to work in a query, but not in the expression for a calculated field in a table.  Why is this?  Is this a known bug with Access 2016?
I'm just trying to understand why.  
P.S. I know how to make it work in queries, but this workaround adds a lot of extra effort.
Kevin Robertson            
2 years ago
Kevin Yip        
2 years ago
It's not a bug.  Some functions are not allowed for one reason or another.  Date() and Now() are not allowed because they change values every second, and Access doesn't want that happen to tables that are supposed to store static data only.  In fact, calculated fields in a table are frowned upon, because they store expressions, not static data.  DateAdd() isn't allowed, I imagine, because it performs complicated calculations such as checking for leap year, checking for the correct end-of-month day in February, etc.  Complicated calculations that may be performed repeatedly may degrade database performance.
Kent Jamison       
2 years ago
Kevin and Kevin,
Thanks to you both for your input.  I watched the videos (reg & extended cuts) again on calculated fields!  I understood simple fields are sometimes used in tables (e.g., for concatenating names).  My error was thinking DateAdd was also simple.  Your notes explain how that is not the case.  I get it now.  Thanks for the input (and correction).  The Evil Access Stuff list is now printed sitting next to monitor. ;-D
Kent Jamison       
2 years ago
Follow-up question:
I have created (successfully) the following DateAdd query, as follow via Query Design to track when an employee's training expires.  Some courses expire at one year, others two years, still others three years, hence the need for the ExpirationInterval field.  
CourseExpDate: DateAdd("yyyy",[ExpirationInterval],[DateCompleted])
I want to save the result the expiration date in my table TrainingT in a field named CourseExpDate.  How do I tell the Query to save that calculated value, which I want to save, in the corresponding field in TrainingT?  
--Kent J.
Kent Jamison       
2 years ago

Kevin Robertson            
2 years ago
Kent Jamison       
2 years ago
Kevin R.,
Is there another way besides an Append Q?  I don't want to have to run an Append query each time I update each employee's record with each of the 40 plus courses I have to update.  I would be hundreds of Append queries, and a lot of work.  I want Access to automatically calculate the new date and save it in the CourseExpDate field in TrainingT when I enter the date the last course is completed.  My intent is to then run reports on who is delinquent in not taking their required training.
Scott Axton            
2 years ago
Have you watched the Many-to-Many example of tracking certifications?

Access Expert 15 gives a good example of tracking attendance.  You could modify that to do your certifications.
Kevin Yip        
2 years ago
Hi Kent, use update queries if you want to update the CourseExpDate field in existing records.  Yes, you do have to run this every time you want to make an update.  If you have 100 records in which you need to update CourseExpDate, you need to make 100 different update queries.  This is usually automated in VBA with some kind of loop.
Richard Rost            
2 years ago
It's funny that you said the Evil Access Stuff is printed and sitting next to the monitor. I have on my "to do" list to make a "cheat sheet" version of that as a PDF for people to print out. I'm waiting until I finish making all of the videos for each item on it. Then I'm going to make one video that goes over all of them (in brief). Then the PDF. :)

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