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The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of starstuff.

-Carl Sagan
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Ludwig Willems       
18 months ago
What does live time mean, imagine that the CEO dies, is there follow-up provided that we can continue to use the platform. ), after all, it is a lot of money.
Adam Schwanz             
18 months ago
I can't speak for what (if anything) Rick has setup for if something horrible were to happen. I would imagine the site would disappear as well when the next hosting payments came due. If you are that concerned about it though, all of the videos are available for download, you could just download them yourself and store them on your own hardware to last you the rest of your life.
Joshua Rivera      
18 months ago
There can always be a Trust established with Trustee's assigned to ownership or control should that happen, with funds available through the estate.
In Rick's example, he would need to have that structured for the assets to be saved.
Richard Rost             
18 months ago
First of all, I intend to live until at least 2061. I plan to get at least one more look at Halley's comet. And yes, my heirs have been instructed to keep the website going in the event of my untimely demise. As long as it's still pulling in advertising revenue from YouTube, I'm sure they're going to want to keep it alive and online. But it's all part of the risk/reward in life. My very first lifetime member paid $799 back in 2007 and I think he's got his money's worth. So, it's a gamble. Did you buy Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Bitcoin (and hopefully sold it in time)? Do you like to go to the casino? Well, I have no plans on going anywhere and I don't live a very dangerous life so unless I get hit by a bus or my plane crashes tomorrow, I plan on being here for a while. But I'm also knocking on wood because I don't wanna jinx myself. Lol.
Richard Rost             
18 months ago
But yeah, like Adam said... download everything you can just in case. :)
Adam Schwanz             
18 months ago
I don't know @Rick, I think your shareholders would've been pretty worried when you said "come at me bro" to Hurricane Ian LOL
Richard Rost             
18 months ago

Ludwig Willems       
18 months ago
Richard, not that I want you dead hey, may I ask you how young you are right now. I think it's pretty cool what you do here together with the others. More different examples of normalization of tables and relationships may seem :) something good, obviously difficult to address every problem, I know.
Richard Rost             
18 months ago
Not too long ago I celebrated the 20th anniversary of my 30th birthday. 😁

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