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Our virtues and our failures are inseparable, like force and matter. When they separate, man is no more.

-Nikola Tesla
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Works in Firefox Too Upload Images   Link   Email  
Dan Jackson              
13 months ago
Just wanted to confirm as I have done this in Firefox many times
Richard Rost             
13 months ago
Thanks, Dan. I'm pretty sure it did, I just didn't feel like installing Firefox to test it. I used Firefox wayyyyy back in the day.
Dan Jackson              
13 months ago
Welcome. I'm testing the new DuckDuckGo browser on my never-ending quest to be rid of all the big comp spyware and nonsense. Take me back to the 90's!

Seems to perform really well for such an underrated product. Don't like the way Firefox is going with all its updates and additions.

One thing i really like about DDG is the FIRE button. Simply tap it and it closes all tabs and deletes all cookies etc. Anyway, i'm banging on. Have a swell day!
Kevin Yip       
13 months ago
Most browsers today have a "private mode" that does the same thing DuckDuckGo does: block tracking, cookies, etc.  Internet can invade our privacy in many different ways, not just via browsers.  Apps, Kindle devices, Alexa devices, email services, video games, and on and on, all try to grab your personal info.  I see DuckDuckGo as something too little too late.

Email services like Yahoo and Google have no qualms to make it known that they READ your email in order to show you better ads.  To remove ads you have to pay.  That's why I got a private domain years ago just so my email would be truly private.  It's *disgusting* to even think that my personal, intimate info in my email would be "profiled", "metadata'ed", etc. stored on their servers for commercial gain.  DuckDuckGo wouldn't help you there if you uses Yahoo email or Gmail, because DuckDuckGo wouldn't be able to erase your personal info on Yahoo's or Google's servers.

And if their servers get hacked (which indeed has happened to Yahoo:!_data_breaches ), DuckDuckGo couldn't do a thing to help you.

YouTube doesn't allow anonymous viewing on mobile devices.  You have to sign in to identify yourself, so YouTube can show you better ads.  DuckDuckGo again wouldn't help you here.  I had to create a dummy YouTube account because of that.  You can still view YouTube anonymously on PC, Mac, and some streaming platforms like Roku.

Richard Rost             
13 months ago
Yeah, I use Incognito Mode in Chrome if I want to remain private. All of these free services aren't really free. They're paid for by advertisers. Gotta squeeze every last piece of data out of the users so we can squeeze every last penny out of the advertisers.

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