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My printer not set up I think Upload Images   Link   Email  
Gregory Clancey      
11 months ago
I hit a wall when I started Expert 5 & 6. It seems not the code instruction, but that it looks like my system is defaulting to my 4x6 Zebra label printer. The letters prepared don't fit within the margin limits and I can't figure out how to specify my HP PhotoSmart 7960.

Over the years I've kept installing various printers -- often more than once -- and my "Use Specific Printer" dialog under Page Setup is a jumble of different names.

Where can I find out how to clean all this out and simply have my Zebra 2844 (for eBay label printing), HP PhotoSmart 7960, and Epson XP-410 (used exclusively for its page scanner?

I'm really frustrated to be hung up on this and fear that I may have to move to the next lesson if not resolved. I use the Zebra mostly. I don't know, really, how to set up a printer in Windows10. Any help would be appreciated.
Gregory Clancey      
11 months ago
I just realized that my HP PhotoSmart -- the printer I want to used for these lessons -- is not attached via USB wire to my system. Does it have to be in order to pick it? Still, I want to clear out all the extraneous printers shown in the dialog. I can't find instruction on YouTube for this. Maybe I just don't know what to look for?
Adam Schwanz             
11 months ago
How to fix your printer setup is kind of beyond the scope of what we do here.

On windows 10 you can just type in the word "printer" into the windows search box, click printers and scanners, click the printers you don't want, and remove device. (Assuming you don't have a server or some kind of GPO that is assigning printers automatically).

Or you can get there by going to your control panel and under hardware and sound push view devices and printers, you can also remove them here.

Your printer could be connected by one or multiple usb, ethernet, wifi, bluetooth, etc. depending on the model/setup. Each of those would have it's own troubleshooting list.
Gregory Clancey      
11 months ago
Thanks for the reply. I could sense that this was a non-Access issue. Had it not been for the trouble that my banjaxed printer installs caused me in completing the CLZ lessons I'd not have even bothered you guys. Thanks for the advice. I'll give it a go. This is likely knowledge gained by people exposed to a wider breadth of usage than I've had. Let's see if I can muddle past this and return to the lessons.
Gregory Clancey      
11 months ago
Special thanks, Adam. This seems to be getting me somewhere. If I can just restore functionality sufficient to enable Rick's reports, I can refine any further "clean up" to a later effort. Right now, I want to smooth out this unexpected and very frustrating wrinkle in my progress. I think we're close. Thanks again.
Richard Rost             
11 months ago
Yeah, definitely get the printer working first with Windows (try using Word). I honestly hate printers. I haven't troubleshooted a printer in years, so I'm out of that loop. Printers suck. LOL
Gregory Clancey      
11 months ago
Once again you show your wisdom.
I think the guy who invented printers and the guy who invented Windows worked in separate rooms. It seems like the standards don't line up. We used to call it plug-and-PRAY. Fortunately, our man Adam (always great) held my hand to get me beyond the logjam that had blocked my following your lessons in the Expert series where I am now. I own that I was one of those you mentioned who glazed over seeing "generating letters." I'm glad I persevered and progressed normally through these tutorials. I ran a small printing business with my dad for years and any discussion of dealing with delinquent account collection was like eating glass. But I actually have found these lessons loaded with useful instruction -- including the resolution of my printer issues. It's all working, but not perfectly. I think I'll just let the sleeping dog lie there.
Richard Rost             
11 months ago

Gregory Clancey      
11 months ago
Ha, HA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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