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new pc wont open access file Upload Images   Link   Email  
Jennie Collins       
11 months ago
Idk if this is the right place to post. One of our offices got all new windows computers. All but 2 can open the access file (Called "Hadi"). The other 2 keep giving error "usser not found".  2 diff IT guys looking but they are not "Access" guys. They are stumped so I thought I would ask here. Any ideas? Below are the emails exchanged.

IT Guys Randy email:
I am not familiar with Hadi but appears is an Access Database application.
Sounds like Hadi works on other computers at office so we know office firewall or internet is not restricting access.
I am not a database expert but I would check or temporarily disable any virus protection software and any malware protection then try to connect.
Go into Access and check for any updates.
Go to Windows updates and make sure that all updates are installed.

2nd IT (Dave)
Hopefully I can shed some light on a few of these concerns.
With the antivirus, there is not a Third party app just the default windows one.
For Windows updates we have a management software that runs updates every Tuesday, depending on what the MVP support team suggests I'll remember to double-check.
I can also double-check the Access updates, but I completely wiped O365 apps from one of the Laptops and reinstalled, and it still had the same errors.

Appreciate any help.

Kevin Robertson            
11 months ago
Is the database looking for a specific user when the it is opened? Do other databases open on these 2 PCs? You may have to set up user permissions.
Kevin Robertson            
11 months ago
Try running down the Troubleshooter.
Scott Axton            
11 months ago
If it is a split database you may also have to relink it.
See the Relink Tables video if you don't remember how.
Also make sure it is in a Trusted Location.

Jennie Collins       
11 months ago
Hi Kevin,
yes there is a logon page but the usernames and passwords work on all the other laptops except those 2.
Adam Schwanz             
11 months ago
More than likely you can't find the table with the login information then, see scotts post on the relink.
Jennie Collins       
11 months ago
ok scott and adam i will try the relink now
Jennie Collins       
11 months ago
quick question though. both their front end files work on my machine. i can open them with my credentials and theirs. The file on my machine is the file they have on theirs so do you think relinking could still be the issue? I will try anyway but want to ask.
Kevin Yip       
11 months ago
Hi Jennie, if the front end needs to connect to the back end, make sure the back end is accessible to all the PCs on the network.  If the PCs are new, they may not have the necessary folder shares.  If the new PCs have new user accounts, the new users may not have got the permission to the necessary folders.  These are things your IT staff should look into.  Of course, you can always ask the person who created that database to see if there is any tricky setup instructions.
Jennie Collins       
11 months ago
kevin, i created the database with the help of an Awesome teacher named Richard lol but i am not an IT person. we haven't had any issues opening it on any laptops before. no special set up. we have 2 physical offices with a few users in each and a few remote contracted employees with their own machines,but have not run into this issue before now. After i read adam and kevins posts i started second guessing myself thinking maybe when i created the new logon page, i created those 2 front ends before i moved the user table to sharepoint and connected it. i dont THINK i did that but im not 100% sure. I think I remember creating it directly in sharepoint but in any case, I just recreated front ends and sent them to the IT guy for that office. i hope it's that simple. crossing my fingers.

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