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Giovanni Miranda      
9 months ago
I've got this code on a few of my Fields to do Specific searches on those Fields, but for some reason I never noticed this happen before.  When I search for on a particular Field that does have what I'm looking for everything is fine, but when it doesn't find anything and I try to get out of the Filter I get this error:

Run-Time Error "3021"
No Current Record.

When I debug it brings me to this code:

Private Sub Form_ApplyFilter(Cancel As Integer, ApplyType As Integer)
End Sub

With Me.Recordset.MoveLast highlighted.

This is my search code:

Private Sub SearchAirportCodeBtn_Click()
    Dim S As String
    S = InputBox("Please Enter The IATA or IACO Airport
    Code", "SEARCH For A Specific IATA or IACO Airport

    If S = "" Then Exit Sub
    Me.Filter = "AirportCode LIKE ""*" & S & "*"""
    Me.FilterOn = True
End Sub

But the First Code is associated with this code:

Private Sub Form_Current()
    RecCountBx = Me.Recordset.AbsolutePosition + 1 & " of "
    & Me.Recordset.RecordCount
End Sub

Kevin Robertson             
9 months ago
How is the first code associated with the code in the Form_Current event (There is no call to it)?

Also, can you please post some screenshots of your Form, the error, your code (with the highlighted line that generated the error) and anything else you feel may be relevant.
Giovanni Miranda      
9 months ago

Here are the Images and the explanation with each Image:

First Image - Current Form I am working with
Second Image - Starting my Search
Third Image - What I'm Searching for, but it's not in the Database
Fourth Image - No results, I Click to remove the Filter (at the bottom)
Fifth Image - Error Box appears
Sixth Image - I Click Debug button
Seventh Image - Yellow area where Debug took me to

and the ONLY way I can get out of the Loop of getting the error again when I try to click the Filter to clear is to Exit the Form itself.
Giovanni Miranda      
9 months ago

Giovanni Miranda      
9 months ago

Giovanni Miranda      
9 months ago

Giovanni Miranda      
9 months ago

Giovanni Miranda      
9 months ago

Giovanni Miranda      
9 months ago

Giovanni Miranda      
9 months ago

Giovanni Miranda      
9 months ago

Giovanni Miranda      
9 months ago

I appreciate you racking your brain out as well in helping me.  Just to let you know I took that statement out of my code as it really doesn't seem to affect my record count as to where it's pointing to in my RecCountBx Field that keeps track of the Record I'm on and how many records I have.

Seems my system is fast enough to keep up with the function itself and it isn't lagging behind to give me wrong record number readings at the bottom of the Form.  So, I've left it out and everything seems to be working fine now.  I appreciate all your help and trying to get this resolved for me.

Fast flights and safe landings!

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