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Linking Access to Outlook Upload Images   Link   Email  
Dan Roehm       
8 months ago
I read through the chat from seven months ago about the problems linking Outlook data to access. Im having the exact same problem. I did a bunch of googling and reading support sites and apparently this is a real problem.

Is there any update recently that anyone knows about thing I didnt try was the third-party software is that safe? Is that the best way to try?

I have a need for this because I have colleagues setting appointments for me for Contacts in my access database, and I need to link them and update them on a regular basis

Thanks in advance
Richard Rost             
8 months ago
Yeah, it's always been problematic linking from Access to Outlook folders. I talk about this in many of my lessons, including my email seminar. I think a better solution for email, at least, is to use Outlook to go out to Access. So, if mail comes in, you can have Outlook send it to a table in Access. You can probably do the same thing with appointments and contacts'just have a timer event run in Outlook and look for changes. I'm going to be doing a video on this with regards to email soon.

However, from what I've read on Access Forever, Microsoft is planning on completely changing the object model for VBA. So, whatever solutions we come up with right now may not work in a year or two when they make those changes. Therefore, I'm not going to invest a large amount of time in it. Instead, I think I'm going to do a little research myself and see if I can find a third-party, open-source email program that can be controlled programmatically from VBA. I think it might be better to have Access open up a small email program, have it do its work, and then Access can get the data from that. Outlook has always been a pain in the behind.

I personally prefer using Gmail, so I have VBA set up to talk directly to Gmail's server to send email. I cover that in my email seminar. However, receiving email has always been tricky, so I use Outlook for that. But yes, once every couple of months, I have to manually log into Outlook on my server and update the Windows Defender virus scan to get past the security warnings. It's a pain in the butt, especially since it always seems to happen when I'm out of the office for a few days.
Dan Roehm       
8 months ago
Thanks for the note. I should've said I don't need to link email. I only need to link calendar appointments.  I can dump them out of Outlook and import them into access but that is a manual process. I would love to have a live link.   And now that I think about it, I'm using  Calendly.  I wonder if I could do it from Calendly using Zapier or something similar.
Richard Rost             
7 months ago
Microsoft is going to be completely changing Outlook in the next year or two, and from what I've read online, they're going to remove the ability for VBA to get data or send data using Outlook. So, I'm still waiting to see what the new stuff is before I invest any time in a solution. I might go the Google route because I use Google Calendar and Gmail for everything. I haven't used Outlook for my stuff in years just because it's a pain. So, I think I'm going to be spending some time learning the Google API to be able to read and write data from Access into Gmail and Google Calendar.
Alex Hedley             
7 months ago
You could use MS Graph Explorer to check what is available.

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