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Richard Rost 
I spent some time today working on the website, trying to make it a little more mobile-friendly. I know that from time to time, when I try to use the site on my phone while I'm on the road, it is a little bit of a pain to read through the forums, watch a video, or even navigate around. This is because my site has always been built for desktop PCs. So, I took a little time today to try to make it just a little bit more mobile-friendly. It's not perfect and there's a lot of work to do, but it should make it a little bit easier to use on your phone. Check it out and let me know what you think.
Donald Lader
I am using a Kindle Fire tablet and now your home page comes up sized for a phone. I have not found a way to get back to full screen. Just an FYI.

Richard Rost
I don't have a Kindle Fire but on my Android I can request the Desktop version of the site if the mobile version doesn't look right. Do you have that option?
Donald Lader
Not an option  for me and I can get along. I normally use my pc. I just wanted to give some feedback to you. Kindle has its own browser; a modified android system I believe. This may also be an issue on other non-standard tablets.
Richard Rost
Thanks. Like I said, it's still a work in progress.
Kevin Robertson

Go to the Amazon Silk options (the 3 vertical dots to the right of the address bar).
You should see an option for the 'Desktop Site'.
Kevin Robertson

Richard Rost
Yeah, I purposely sized the mobile version of the site for cell phones at about 360px width because most tablets (including mine) can use the desktop version of the site just fine. In Android, if you're using Chrome browser, just click the hamburger menu and select Desktop Site as well.
Donald Lader
Perfect Kevin. Thank you.
Alex Hedley
Why don't you use some @media width queries?
Richard Rost
Alex because those only work in the browser with CSS / Javascript. I want to control page layout from the server with ASP. I know... not exactly industry standard, but I have my reasons. I look at the user agent value and decide whether to send the mobile or desktop version.

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