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Richard Rost            
4 months ago
Never write another line of SQL again, unless you want to, of course. Hey folks, this is Richard Rost with Access Learning Zone. I just released a new template called the Access AI Query Builder. Essentially, it allows you to communicate with the database in plain English. For example, say you want a list of customers who are 30 days late with their payments, and the AI translates that into SQL for your database. That's it. You can save it as a query, run reports on it, or do whatever you like. This tool is excellent for those who never want to write SQL again, or even for end-users, allowing them to interact with the database in English without knowing SQL. Let's look at some samples in action.

Imagine asking for a list of customers sorted by last name, then first name. Ready? Send to OpenAI. It takes a second, and boom, there's your SQL. It knows the field names and table names in your database. Click the View Results button, and there's your query, nicely sorted for you.

It saves in your database as TempQ. You can rename and save it as a different query if you wish. Want something more complex? How about customers from Florida with a family size of at least three? Ready, go. There's your SQL. View the results, and it's just one person, Deanna Troy from Florida, with a family size of four. How about something more complex? This database, if you're familiar with my templates, contains contacts, customers, orders, and order details. Let's use two tables, customers and contacts. How about customers contacted this past week? That merges the customer and contact tables. There it is, joining everything together. Right joins are always tricky in writing queries. Run the query, and there are three people. Check the data; it's correct. I don't see the last contacted data here, though. Let's tell the AI to add that. Be sure to include the date last contacted. And go. Look, it added contactee.contactdate to the SQL. Perfect.

It still surprises me how good AI is getting. Today's date is December 4th, 2023, so these are all people contacted this week. Let's do something with three tables. We've got orders and order details, right? The details are line items. So, if we want customers with their order totals, it needs to join three tables. Let's see if we can do that. How about a list of customers with unpaid orders and their total unpaid amount? Let's see what it gets us. There's the complex join. View the results, and yes, it's correct. Look at me, for example. I should have a $360 unpaid order. Take a peek at customer form orders, paid and unpaid, and yes, it works. I've tested these extensively. All the data I'm showing you is valid.

How about action queries? Be careful with these. Add $50 to the credit limits for every customer in Florida. Let's take a look. I've got a credit limit of $5,100. Let's run it. Actually, we need the SQL first. Update customer, set credit limit equals credit limit plus 50 where state equals Florida. Run it, and it says done. Take a look, and there it is, $5,150. Pretty cool, huh? Again, we're talking to the database in English. The AI translates it into SQL, and you can run it. You can use this as a tool for yourself, or give it to your end-users. I'd recommend just giving them the select queries. Don't let them have the action queries. But as you can see, it's a fantastic tool if you don't want to learn or write SQL yourself. Just tell the database what you want.

To use this template, you'll need a paid account with OpenAI. I'm using ChatGPT to process the English requests and return the SQL. I cover how to set this up in this video. It's a free video. Here's the link. You can watch it on my website or YouTube channel. Before you buy my template, make sure you've got this working, as it's required. The template package includes part two and the extended cut, usually for my members, showing how to set up multiple bots. You can have a friendly bot, a bot that replies like Mr. Spock, one for spelling and grammar, or, as we're doing here, for SQL. There's some extra coding I had to write, which I'll walk you through in the template's explainer video. A little something extra for the developers.

That's it. The AI Query Builder template from Access Learning Zone. Find more information or purchase your copy at this address. If you have any questions, feel free to post them below or contact me on my website. Thanks for watching, and I'll see you next time.

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