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Images and split database Upload Images   Link   Email  
Jason Fleishman       
4 months ago
Idea for video
   Managing picture storage requires storing drive letter and path.
   Managing split databases (I hates 'sss') prompts a need to auto backup front end and back end which aren't always under the same drive letter.
   Many of us use scanned pdf documents with followhypetlink which requires storing drive letter and path.
   The three database activities create a need for a 'Manage' form tabbed with Backup, Pathing, and while you're at it, Permissions ('sss' can go to hell!).
Sami Shamma              
4 months ago
Richard has covered this in multiple TechHelp videos:

Images Subfolder

and others.
Jason Fleishman       
4 months ago
Roster has indeed covered gathering drive letter and path which is where I got the idea. However, it seems like all drive letters and paths should be concentrated in one form so that if the back end location changes, or the pictures changes, or PDFs, then in one place all  letters and paths can be controlled. The form with images pulls from the Pathing tab on the Manage form. Same for the Backup tab which gets its FromDirectory and ToDirectory from the Pathing tab. One benefit is stopping the use of unacceptable drive letters or directories.
Kevin Yip       
4 months ago
Windows uses environmental variables to store commonly used paths.  The same strategy could be used to store paths in Access tables.

For instance, Windows uses %userprofile% to stand for the path of your user folder:


In my tables, I use a similar method to store certain paths that could potentially be changed:


Every time I retrieve the file, my VBA code substitutes EV_MYFOLDER with the actual path.
Richard Rost             
4 months ago
If your pictures are all going to be in different folders, then you'll have to store the full path name in the field with the picture. However, if you want to have a specific folder somewhere (anywhere) on your network or server, then you can just store its value in the server somewhere. Whether that's a tempvar or a global variable, or a field on a form, or wherever, it's up to you. But then you can just put the two together.
Sami Shamma              
4 months ago
Thank you Jason for the tip.
Kevin Yip       
4 months ago
Just to expand on Richard's point, files can be in different folders if they are all under a common parent folder:

|--- FamilyPics
|--- WorkPics
|--- MiscPics

Then, in your table, you can enter the paths as:


To form the full path, just concatenate them with the parent folder ("C:\MyPics\").

This will make moving files easier too, should you need to.  If you move the pics from C to D drive, you only need to change C:\MyPics\ to D:\MyPics\, and nothing else needs to be changed.

I think this is the preferred way no matter how you organize the files.  Having a common parent folder will ensure that everything under it will be "portable."
Richard Rost             
4 months ago
^ yeah, what he said. 😁

This thread is now CLOSED. If you wish to comment, start a NEW discussion in Images Subfolder.


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