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Richard Rost             
2 months ago
Q1. What purpose does using VBA serve in customizing an Access database?
A. It enables the creation of new data tables.
B. It allows the customization of the user interface.
C. It provides enhanced encryption for the database.
D. It automatically backs up the database periodically.

Q2. How can you access the properties of a startup form when the right-click feature is disabled?
A. Press Alt + Enter when the form is highlighted.
B. Re-enable the right-click feature temporarily.
C. Restart the database while holding the shift key.
D. Use the command line to open the form properties.

Q3. Why is it important to debug and compile your database before distribution?
A. To ensure the database can only be opened by the developer.
B. To optimize the database performance on all computers.
C. To prevent syntax errors and ensure the database can be converted to an ACCDE file.
D. To encrypt the database data and code for security purposes.

Q4. What does creating an ACCDE file accomplish?
A. It decodes and repairs any corrupt data.
B. It enhances the graphical interface of the database.
C. It helps in removing unnecessary tables to save space.
D. It creates a version where design changes cannot be made.

Q5. What should you always maintain even after creating an ACCDE file?
A. A copy of the runtime version of your database.
B. A backup of the original development ACCDB file.
C. An open connection to the SQL Server database.
D. The default Access form icons for reference.

Q6. Which statement is true regarding the security of tables in Access?
A. Tables are automatically encrypted in an ACCDE file.
B. Tables in Access cannot be secured, and for higher security, SQL Server should be used.
C. Tables are only visible to users with administrator privileges.
D. Tables can be password protected individually within Access.

Q7. What is one of the benefits of distributing an Access database with the runtime version?
A. Users are able to design and create new tables.
B. It allows users to view and debug VBA code.
C. The database can be used without a full version of Access or Office.
D. The runtime version provides additional graphic design features.

Q8. How can you minimize the Access application window when a database starts up?
A. Set the 'Pop-up' property of the form to 'Yes'.
B. Use the VBA command 'DoCmd.Minimize'.
C. Add the VBA command 'DoCmd.RunCommand, acCmdAppMinimize' in the On Load event.
D. Adjust the Windows taskbar settings to auto-hide Access.

Q9. What should be done in the Form Close event to ensure the database shuts down properly?
A. Set 'Modal' to 'No' for all forms.
B. Insert the VBA command 'DoCmd.Close'.
C. Execute the VBA command 'DoCmd.OpenForm'.
D. Employ the VBA command 'DoCmd.Quit'.

Q10. What is a sign of an unhandled runtime error during the use of the database?
A. The database file size suddenly increases.
B. An irrelevant form opens up unexpectedly.
C. A division by zero error popup appears from Microsoft Visual Basic.
D. The ACCDE file turns back into an ACCDB file.

Answers: 1-B; 2-C; 3-C; 4-D; 5-B; 6-B; 7-C; 8-C; 9-D; 10-C;

DISCLAIMER: Quiz questions are AI generated. If you find any that are wrong, don't make sense, or aren't related to the video topic at hand, then please post a comment and let me know. Thanks.

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