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Richard Rost             
2 months ago
Q1. What is the primary purpose of creating a data macro in a Microsoft Access database, as described in the video?
A. To create interactive forms and reports
B. To perform data entry tasks automatically
C. To log changes to a table without using VBA or form controls
D. To optimize the performance of the database

Q2. According to the video, who can see and potentially modify the log table if it's linked in the front end?
A. Only users with administrator permissions
B. Only the back-end database manager
C. Anyone who has access to the front-end database
D. No one; the log table is hidden by default

Q3. What kind of macro is used to track changes at the table level in an Access database?
A. Event macro
B. Function macro
C. Data macro
D. Logic macro

Q4. What type of database configuration is being used in the scenario described in the video?
A. A single-user database
B. A multi-user split database
C. An embedded database
D. A cloud-hosted database

Q5. When does an After Update data macro trigger?
A. When a new record is created
B. When an existing record is deleted
C. When an existing record is modified
D. Before any changes are made to the table

Q6. What limitation of a data macro is mentioned in the video?
A. It cannot track the deletion of records.
B. It isn't able to discern who made the changes to a record.
C. It can only log changes made through forms.
D. It has to be manually run by the user after modifications.

Q7. What is suggested as a possible means to secure the log table from users' modifications?
A. Restrict permission to the front-end database
B. Create the log table with a misleading name
C. Encrypt the log table with a password
D. Only logical, not physical, security can be applied

Q8. Which of the following is NOT true about data macros, according to the video?
A. They run at the table level.
B. They require coding in a front-end database.
C. They can be used to track when records were added or changed.
D. They lack the ability to identify which user made changes.

Q9. What can trigger an After Insert data macro to run?
A. Editing a field in an existing record
B. Deleting a record from the table
C. Adding a new record to the table
D. Accessing a record's details

Q10. What does the video suggest you watch if you are not sure about what a split database is?
A. A previous episode of the TechHelp video series
B. A video on the fundamentals of SQL Server
C. A tutorial on how to perform data entry
D. A deep dive on Access form events

Answers: 1-C; 2-C; 3-C; 4-B; 5-C; 6-B; 7-B; 8-B; 9-C; 10-A

DISCLAIMER: Quiz questions are AI generated. If you find any that are wrong, don't make sense, or aren't related to the video topic at hand, then please post a comment and let me know. Thanks.
Jason Fleishman       
2 months ago
Good quiz. I see it tends to re-teach. I would take the quiz again in the next video. Ten questions is the right number. I gain a different viewpoint on the information being taught.

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