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Richard Rost             
3 months ago
Q1. What is one method mentioned for hiding line item pricing on an invoice for beginners using Microsoft Access?
A. Adjusting report display settings for each invoice printout
B. Creating two separate invoice reports, one with and one without the pricing
C. Implementing conditional formatting rules on the invoice template
D. Using a password-protected section to toggle the visibility of prices

Q2. What programming language is used to customize the invoice report to show or hide the line item pricing?
B. JavaScript
D. Python

Q3. What is the recommended step before you can customize the invoice report to show or hide line item pricing?
A. Understanding if-then statements in VBA programming
B. Learning to create macros in Access
C. Creating a complex query for invoice data
D. Enabling advanced settings in Access Options

Q4. What is the primary reason the author prefers to use VBA coding to hide line item pricing rather than creating two different invoice reports?
A. It is less time-consuming to code in VBA than to adjust report fields.
B. Changes and enhancements can be applied in one place rather than maintaining two separate reports.
C. Access does not allow more than one type of invoice report.
D. VBA coding is required for creating invoices in Access.

Q5. Which event is used in reports to run code for hiding or showing fields based on certain conditions?
A. On Load
B. On Click
C. On Open
D. On Format

Q6. What must be added to the report in order for the VBA code to recognize the "show line pricing" field?
A. A new query
B. An underlying table
C. A text box with the "show line pricing" field on the report
D. An exclusive VBA module

Q7. What is the purpose of setting the default value for the "show line pricing" field in the order table?
A. To ensure that the pricing is shown unless manually turned off
B. To automatically apply discounts to all invoices
C. To link the invoice report to the customer table
D. To standardize the report layout for printing

Q8. How should labels for unit price and extended price be made visible or invisible?
A. By setting their font size to 0
B. By changing their color to match the background
C. By using VBA code to toggle the 'Visible' property
D. By permanently deleting them from the report

Q9. In the video, what does the speaker suggest adding to the report to better maintain the layout when line item prices are hidden?
A. A placeholder field
B. An additional quantity field
C. A subreport
D. A graphical element like a line or a box

Answers: 1-B; 2-C; 3-A; 4-B; 5-D; 6-C; 7-A; 8-C; 9-B;

DISCLAIMER: Quiz questions are AI generated. If you find any that are wrong, don't make sense, or aren't related to the video topic at hand, then please post a comment and let me know. Thanks.

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