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Saved by the Backup But Upload Images   Link   Email  
Jeffrey Kraft       
2 months ago
Was working on my ongoing project when I decided to delete a Form and create a different (No I DIDN'T BACK UP BEFORE I CHANGED - Coder has been fired already and that was me). After that I did a compact and repair and it appeared happy.

I made a whole new form with some VBA and the code was good.  Went to compile and got a dreaded Module missing or spelled wrong.  The form that was deleted is never called by any of the VBA in the Project.

I went into the Project Explorer and sure enough it had some ghosts in it.  One had a ~ symbol before the entry (Example) Form_~IdontexistbuthereIam.  The other was the Form that I had deleted.  I went down Richards Troubleshooting list because mine was in that project that now doesn't work.  

Is the Ghosts in the Project Manager the one where you decompile and try again? And a couple steps I can't remember?  If so what were the other steps? Google wasn't saving me here either.

Good news for me is a had a 4 day old copy and was able to recover.  But the heart attack was real!!! I've now updated it so when I exit the project it backs it up.
Jeffrey Kraft       
2 months ago
Everything I was reading said "Compact Repair should have been deleted ~ entry after compiled and closed ---- well that didn't happen this time.  Obviously something corrupted on me.
Sami Shamma              
2 months ago
There is no such thing as too many backups. I am guilty of not backing up MS Word work; however, when it comes to Access, I back up several times a day.
Jeffrey Kraft       
2 months ago
Normally I have 30 days worth of.  Then I start weeding them out.  Hadn't made it that far with this project.  I found something that maybe promising in the future but.... sigh.
Sami Shamma              
2 months ago
Desk space is cheap. On my current project, I am on version 641 and I have every one of the previous 640.
Richard Rost             
2 months ago
I keep a nightly backup, and then the first day of each month's backup going back 1 year, then the first day of each year's backup going back ad infinitum. Plus any time I am getting ready to make any major mods, I make a manual backup. Backup. Backup. BACKUP.

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!
Jeffrey Kraft       
2 months ago
My stock portfolio tracker Pre-Access Learning Zone - didn't know squat about Access days... gets backed up daily before it updates one table and clears another.

I'm lucky I got out of my old version what I needed.  Now ALL VBA is gone.  Your buddy Daniel Pineault preaches the Backup, Backup, Backup, Decompile, Compact, Repair, Compile, Compact, Repair... and did we say backup.  And Option Explicit on VBA Modules.  Then Blank database and I'm adding pray to the Access Gods that you can import stuff out.  Isladogs says the ~TMP ones are created when an object is deleted.  Normally they go away when the database is closed.  However crashes can leave little orphan temp file behind and eventually the database becomes unstable and leads to corruption.  Isladog had at one time a link to an article about this issue.  It's however gone error 404.

I did find a tool that is supposed to help in importing.  Haven't looked at it yet.
Stacy Atchison        
54 days ago

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