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Splash Screen Doesnt Show Upload Images   Link   Email  
Monica Jones          
3 months ago
I'm on Office 365, 64-bit and the splash screen doesn't change, even when they are the same name, even without spaces.
Monica Jones          
3 months ago
And on the extended cut, the shift button doesn't make the ribbon reappear. I've tried it with both the shortcut and the database file itself and neither bring the ribbon back. Thank goodness for backups.
Sami Shamma              
3 months ago
I use O 365 and have no problems with splash screen.
make sure the image file is .bmp
Richard Rost             
3 months ago
Try saving as a 256-color bitmap. I've seen some 24-bit bitmaps not load as splash screens. Not sure why.
Richard Rost             
3 months ago

Monica Jones          
3 months ago
No luck with the 256 color bitmap. What's crazy is that I have another database on the same system where the splash screen works just fine! Is there maybe a pixel size limit? I'm comparing the two and the non-functioning bmp is almost 3x as wide and 2x as tall as the functioning one.
Sami Shamma              
3 months ago
Copy the image from the database that does work and place it in the folder of the database that doesn't work, and rename it to match the database name; then give it a try. This way, you will isolate where the error is.
Richard Rost             
3 months ago
Well, I don't know offhand what the size limitation is, but that's something you can easily test by just making it smaller.
Monica Jones          
3 months ago
Both great ideas. I tried Sami's first and it worked. But then I also tried my original, unaltered .bmp file. That worked too! If I ever find the gremlins in my system, I'll strangle them.
Monica Jones          
3 months ago
I think I found the gremlin???? So, I opened another file with a custom splash screen and that one didn't show. Only the first database with custom splash screen will actually display the custom screen. What the...?!?!?!?!?! At least I know why now.
Richard Rost             
3 months ago
What's the filename of the database? Are you sure you don't have any weird characters in there, like an underscore or a tilde, or something crazy? Try taking a screenshot of the original splash screen picture. I know this sounds weird, but sometimes you might get a graphic file itself as a glitch in it. Try using whatever screen capture software you like, or even Windows Snip, and take a screenshot of the image. Save that as a new bitmap and see if that works.
Monica Jones          
3 months ago
Neither of the file names have anything other than letters in their names. The splash screen will appear for which ever database I open first. It will not appear for the second. Even when I switch which I open first, that one will work and the other does not. As for the picture file, I'm using a completely different one.
Richard Rost             
3 months ago
You've got me on this one.

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