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Question about the Quizes Upload Images   Link   Email  
Jerry Fowler        
50 days ago
Do you ask the AI for some questions? I see the quizzes are usually 10 but sometimes more or fewer questions.  I have been able to almost automate the scrubbing of the question but was always looking for a certain number of them.  I think I have the workaround, but just asking. I am a big proponent of the Quizes, I think they are a great addition
Jerry Fowler        
50 days ago

Jerry Fowler        
50 days ago
Here is a sample of the TechHelp (and Quick Queries) database I have.  The open area to the right on the main form is for the ones that you have notes on. I'm thinking of making that area for the quiz and/or Transcript sub-form
Sami Shamma              
50 days ago
This is a labor of love.
Jerry Fowler        
49 days ago
Yes it is Sami, and it changes daily lol.  lot of time I try to add whatever Richard is showing that day.
Alex Hedley             
49 days ago
I'd probably just loop each line until there aren't anymore
Jerry Fowler        
49 days ago
Thanks Alex, that's what I used as the workaround, well guess it's not really a workaround as much as it's the way to do it. :)
Richard Rost             
49 days ago
The quizzes are 100% generated by AI. I, in fact, have it as part of a script that I wrote, where I take the transcript of the video and feed it into my database. From that, it generates my outline topics, the quiz, and a couple of other things that I use, like the keyword list. With one click, I'll get some loaded to the website. That's a pretty impressive database you've got there. I've got something similar on my end, but it's not pretty at all. When I'm building a database for myself, I just worry about functionality, so I'm not going to share any screenshots. LOL, it's a big mess, but it works, and it's been working for me for a while now. I used to do the videos that update all the information by hand, and after I automated it with my database, it's now down to a couple of clicks. What used to take me an hour or two to put online, I can now do it in about 10 minutes.
Jerry Fowler        
48 days ago
What I love about your series is how you make it look easy to be able to relate the topic and the code to a vast amount of people.  I think where I was just the 3 years ago I found your channel and what I'm able to do today.  All I can say is thanks for all you do.  If anyone reading this is not a member they need to join right away as this is the greatest amount of learning for the few $$
Richard Rost             
48 days ago
Thanks, Jerry. :)

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