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Richard Rost             
36 days ago
Q1. What was the primary goal addressed in the video regarding the account statements?
A. To create a new account from scratch
B. To add a new transaction line
C. To modify the report to show section totals rather than a grand total
D. To change the color scheme of the report

Q2. What did the presenter decide to remove from the report?
A. The transaction details
B. The debit and credit columns
C. A line he previously inserted
D. The entire footer

Q3. What key change did the presenter implement in the account statement report concerning transaction types?
A. Separate debit and credit totals for each section
B. Incorporated both debit and credit in a single column
C. Removed debit and credit, left only the amount column
D. Swapped positions of debit and credit columns

Q4. In the video, what mathematical operation did the presenter use to correct the total amount calculation?
A. Added sum of credits to sum of debits
B. Divided sum of credits by sum of debits
C. Subtracted sum of debits from sum of credits
D. Multiplied sum of credits by sum of debits

Q5. How did the presenter recommend handling criteria for report generation?
A. By entering it directly into the query in SQL view
B. By setting the criteria on a linked form
C. Through hard-coding the values in the VBA module
D. By asking users to type it each time in a pop-up window

Q6. What default value did the presenter set for the start date input on his criteria form?
A. Today's date
B. The last day of the current month
C. The first day of the last month
D. The first day of the next month

Q7. How did the presenter suggest feeding date criteria into the report?
A. By manual entry each time the report is run
B. Through dynamic updates as the database updates
C. By capturing it from a user-input form
D. By automatically reading the system clock of the computer

Q8. What did the presenter use to adjust the layout elements of the report to grid alignment?
A. Dragging manually to fit
B. A VBA script to align elements
C. The 'size to grid' right-click option
D. Automatic alignment settings in the design view

Q9. According to the presenter, what seminar covers extensive use and manipulation of date and time in Access?
A. The Advanced Date Time Seminar
B. The Date Serial Functionality Seminar
C. The TechHelp Date Seminar
D. The Date Time Seminar

Answers: 1-C; 2-C; 3-C; 4-C; 5-B; 6-C; 7-C; 8-C; 9-D

DISCLAIMER: Quiz questions are AI generated. If you find any that are wrong, don't make sense, or aren't related to the video topic at hand, then please post a comment and let me know. Thanks.

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