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The universe is not required to be in perfect harmony with human ambition.

-Carl Sagan
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Richard Rost             
2 months ago
Well, I just did the math, and... well...

I currently have 233,845 YouTube subscribers (free subs, mind you... these are not paid members. I wish). Over the last couple of years, I'm averaging adding 45 new subscribers per day, which is really good for a channel that focuses 95% on Microsoft Access.

Now there are three major metric goals for YouTubers. The first is 100,000 subs, at which point you get your Silver Play Button. I reached that a few years ago. Very happy about it. It sits proudly on my shelf next to my Microsoft MVP Award.

The next milestone is 1 million subscribers to get the Gold Play Button. By my math, that will happen in the year 2074. I'll be 102 years old.

After that, the Diamond Play Button (10 million subs) will come in the year 2662. Not even Jean-Luc Picard will be able to accept that for me, as he'll be long dead.

So... perhaps I should start making stupid cat videos or something to boost subscribers. Or maybe start making more videos for other topics like Word, Excel, etc. as I've been meaning to do for years a few years now.

I love Access... it's my passion... but I'm a just a big fish in a very tiny pond.

Richard Rost             
2 months ago

Richard Rost             
2 months ago
And yes, I did get a Google Maps pin. I post a lot of reviews. Some more entertaining than others. :)
Adam Schwanz             
2 months ago
You just need to cryogenically freeze yourself until 2662 to accept the award. Maybe people will still be asking "is access going away" then too, then you can say "I've been saying this for over 600 years" LOL.
Sami Shamma              
2 months ago
First you definitely earned this. all of it.
Second, it is not how many people love you, it is the quality of the people who love you. And we (your people) are the best.
Thomas Gonder       
2 months ago
I just removed TikTok from my phone. It was interesting... for about two days.
Now I've got to figure out how to get YouTube to stop sending me all their "shorts". What really bugs me on those is there isn't a timeline that you can fast forward on.

I don't think Access lends itself to short (and stupid) videos.
Don't worry, be happy, man.
Richard Rost             
2 months ago
Sami: You are correct. My people are the best! You guys all rock, and I'm very happy to have met all of you. It's a close, tight-knit group, and you guys are the best people I've ever seen in forums anywhere for your willingness to help others while asking nothing in return. I'm super grateful for all of you.

Thomas: Yeah, I've got a TikTok account, and I'm not very happy with the results. I think you're right that short-form video is definitely not something Access users want. I've tried posting a bunch of tips. I've tried posting my video rewinds where I talk about the other videos that I did over the past week. I've even tried posting full checkout videos since they recently increased the limit to 30 minutes on TikTok. I thought that would bring in more viewers, but my views have gone from 300 or so for the shorts I was doing before down to like 10 viewers for the full 10-minute, 20-minute videos. So it's definitely not the right platform for Access videos. I do sometimes see other creators that post short Excel tips, and those seem to work. So maybe when I get back into recording Excel videos, I'll try some shorts, but I don't know.

And yes, YouTube's format for shorts is way too short. Their max is 60 seconds. I can't even introduce myself in 60 seconds. LOL
Alex Hedley             
2 months ago
Kevin Yip       
2 months ago
The key is know which ones are "dabblers" and which are seriously going to learn Access.  You have no way of knowing, because you have no way to interact with them.  This is why this site is much more useful.  You can interact with everyone here, and you know what they are doing, what courses they are taking, etc.  Many posters here are actually users in their businesses by their own admission.  So you know for a fact that you have serious users here.
Joe Holland       
2 months ago
Sami said it best. Engaged users who are developing their skills outweighs the masses poking around once in a while. YouTube offers a lot for free and it's how I was introduced to you. Now I am a paid user on your site. YouTube makes sense for acquisition. Conversion is your challenge.

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