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here may be babblers, wholly ignorant of mathematics, who dare to condemn my hypothesis, upon the authority of some part of the Bible twisted to suit their purpose. I value them not, and scorn their unfounded judgment.

-Nicolaus Copernicus
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Richard Rost             
13 days ago
Yay! I just got the email from Microsoft letting me know that I received the MVP award again for 2024. This will be my fourth time.

Oh wait... now I have to update all of the images on my website and video slides again...

Alex Hedley              
13 days ago
Fab news and well deserved.
Kevin Robertson            
13 days ago
Congrats Richard.
Mike Ackland      
13 days ago
Congratulations Richard. An absolutely well deserved accolade!
Matt Hall         
13 days ago
Richard Rost             
13 days ago
Thanks, everyone.
Adam Schwanz             
13 days ago
Congratulations :).
Nathan Shepard       
13 days ago
Congrats!!!!!!!!  Well deserved.  Keep it up and they will make you CEO of Microsoft.
Richard Rost             
13 days ago
Haha. I wish.
Sandra Truax         
13 days ago
Richard Vaneveld        
12 days ago
Congratulations with your 4th MVP award.
Of course it was inevitable and very deserved.
Kevin Yip       
12 days ago
The award is well-deserved of course.  But the list of Access MVPs once again reminds us how far Access has fallen.  Searching the MVP list ( ) reveals only 16 MVPs who specialize in Access, and that's worldwide, including people like you and Daniel Pineault.  In comparison, .NET has 525 MVPs, Power Apps has 283, web development as 228, Power BI has 161, Excel has 142, SQL Server has 61, and many other categories have far more.  These numbers are direct indicators of which areas have the most activities.  If I were you, I would definitely explore the other areas ASAP.
Richard Rost             
12 days ago
I'm not abandoning Access anytime soon, but yes, I do have several other projects on the horizon as well.
Jerry Fowler         
12 days ago
Congratulations Richard, if anyone deserves it you do. The 4th of many MVPs
Joe Holland       
11 days ago
"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." How wonderful that they see the value in your unique set of talents. Congratulations Richard!
Sami Shamma              
11 days ago
Can't wait until you get your first .NET MVP.
John Davy           
11 days ago
Hi Rick

You deserve MVP for you are the best!  John
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