Richard Rost Arrest Mugshot

Hello. My name is Richard Rost. On 2 February, 2020, I was assaulted in a bar in downtown Fort Myers. The attacker punched me and my girlfriend without provocation, completely by surprise. He then roughed me up, threw me out of the bar (while I was trying to call police) and continued to throw me to the ground and assault me physically.

When the police arrived on the scene, he pressed charges against me, claiming I was the aggressor (which is a lie) and I was arrested and booked with disorderly intoxication and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon because I had a pocket knife in my possession.


Fortunately, everything was caught on video. You can clearly see that this person attacked me and was the aggressor. After the attack, I was taken to the hospital where I needed emergency surgery to repair one of my eyes. I am still blind to this day in that eye. He also broke three bones in my face and I have permanent nerve damage in my cheek, lips, and gums. My quality of life has been forever diminished by the actions of this individual.

I cannot comment further or give additional details because of ongoing litigation in this matter.

The reason why I am posting this page is because a few people have contacted me because they Googled me and found my mugshot and/or arrest record. I want to set the public record straight so that anyone who finds this information in an online search will know that these charges were malicious and without merit, they have been dropped, and I did absolutely nothing wrong in this matter.

I am waiting patiently for justice to be served.

Richard Rost
15 August 2020
Fort Myers, Florida