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UPDATE: For Aged Accounts Receivable see Access Expert Level 27
Courses - Microsoft Access 305
Description: Advanced Access
Running Time: 79 minutes
Pre-Requisites: Access 304 very strongly recommended
Previous Lesson: Access 304
Next Lesson: Access 306
Main Topics: Aged Accounts Receivable, IIF, MsgBox, Before Update, Cancel Event, vbYesNo
Versions: This course is valid for Access 2000 through 2003. If you are using Access 2007 or 2010, you will still benefit from this course. You will find that the concepts are the same, but there are cosmetic differences between the versions.

Microsoft Access 305
Advanced Access Development

Aged Accounts Receivable, IIF Function, MsgBox with vbYesNo, BeforeUpdate Event, Cancel an Event, vbYesNoCancel. 79 Minutes

AC305 Major Topics

  • Aged Accounts Receivable
  • IIF Function
  • MsgBox with vbYesNo
  • BeforeUpdate Event
  • Cancel an Event
  • vbYesNoCancel

Access 305 continues our advanced Access database development with VBA programming. We continue work on our sales and order-entry system.

This lesson focuses on building an Aged Accounts Receivable. You will learn a lot of new tricks including using a MsgBox to ask questions, the vbYesNoCancel option, the BeforeUpdate event, and much more.

We will begin by creating a query to hold our Accounts Receivable data.

You will learn how to determine how old certain invoices are - which are current, which are 30-days late, 60-days, etc.

This is the basis for an AGED Accounts Receivable:

Then we'll create a Report to display our AR information. We'll create form headers and footers to sum up the data.

Next we'll learn how to give each order a Percent Discount.

We'll give each item on the invoice a possible discount as well (in case certain items are, for example, 50% off).

We'll learn how to get information back from the user by asking questions with the MsgBox command:

We'll learn about the BeforeUpdate event which allows us to cancel an event in progress:


Access 305 Outline

1. Accounts Receivable Query
Aged Accounts Receivable
Create a Query with OrderTotals
Add OrderDate to tell Age of Order
Use IIF Function to Add Aging
Add DaysOld Field

2. Accounts Receivable Report
Create the report
Format as Currency
Hide $0.00 values with VBA Code
The Visible Property
Put SUMs in the Report Footer
Create an AR Total

3. Percent Discount on Orders, Part 1
Discounts as a dollar amount
Percentage Discount
Add PercentDiscount to OrderT
Add PercentDiscount to OrderDetailT
Adjust SalesTax to figure Discount
Link the Discount default to OrderF

4. Percent Discount on Orders, Part 2
Add PercentDiscount to CustomerTable
Add PercentDiscount to CustomerForm
Add to AfterUpdate event CustomerCombo
Update DiscountRate on Line Items if Form Changes
Create an Update Query to change Rate
Create an AfterUpdate event to run Update Query
MsgBox to Get a Response
vbYesNo, vbYes, vbNo
Line Continuation Character in VB Code
Dim variables
Option Explicit

5. BeforeUpdate
The Cancel parameter of BeforeUpdate
OldValue property


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