00. Intro (5:39)

01. Test Taker 9 (32:21)
Hide Begin Test Button
Display Question 1 of X
Take This Test Button on TestF
DoCmd.Close acForm Options
acSaveYes, acSaveNo, acSavePrompt
IsLoaded Check if Form Is Loaded
Cascade Close Child Forms
OnCurrent Close and Reopen Child

02. Test Taker 10 (38:44)
Tracking Test Start End Times
Answer Start End Times
Display Timer on Form
Timer Interval
RGB Function and Colors
Max Time to Take Test
Calculate Elapsed Time

03. Universal Dialog Box 1 (23:52)
Custom Prompt
OK Button
Modal, Popup
Create a Global Public Module
uDialog Sub
PromptLabel.Caption Property
uDialog.Title Property of Form
Optional Parameters
BackColor RGB
With / End With
FontSize Parameter

04. Review (3:54)