00. Intro (3:32)

01. Search Between Dates (26:01)
Search Records Between Dates
Begin Date, End Date
SQL To Requery Form
Combo Box for Before, After, Between
Select Case
Visible and SetFocus
Limit To List
Allow Value List Edits

02. Tuition Levels 1 (32:27)
Tuition for a Private School
Same as Products With Multiple Options
Billing on Grade Level
Add Tuition Discounts
Add Discounts Per Child
Multi Field Indexing
Composite Key
Composite Index
Create Pricing Form to Add Schedule

03. Tuition Levels 2 (47:58)
On Dbl Click to Add Tuition to Order
OpenForm, GoToControl
GoToRecord, Set .Form!Pricing
Pricing Wizard Form
Show Only Tuition Levels for Grade
Aggregate Query
Requery, SetFocus, DropDown
Change to List Boxes
Variable Pricing
Check if Form Open
On Error Resume Next
On Error Goto 0

04. Conclusion (2:23)