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Access Beginner Level 5
Beginner Microsoft Access Tutorial - 1 Hour, 14 Minutes

This Microsoft Access video tutorial picks up where Level 4 left off. This class covers query criteria in a lot more depth, parameter queries, wildcards, and lots more. Topics include:
  - Query Criteria
  - Multiple AND, OR Conditions
  - Inequalities
  - Records Between Two Dates
  - Dealing with Null Values
  - Wildcards and LIKE

  - Parameter Queries
  - Top X Values
  - Formatting Query Field Output

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If you would like a preview of what's covered in this class,
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Access Beginner Level 5
Description: Access Beginner Level 5
Versions: This class was recorded with Microsoft Access 2010. The material is valid for Access 2007 up to 2021.
Pre-Requisites: Access Beginner Level 4
Running Time: 1 Hour, 14 Minutes
Cost: $9.99

This class picks up where Level 4 left off. We will begin by learning a lot more about query criteria. We will learn how to use multiple AND / OR conditions in the same query. We will learn about the IN keyword to show records in a specified list of values. We'll learn about the BETWEEN keyword to view records between two values.


You will learn how to use the NOT keyword. We'll learn about the different kinds of inequalities that you can use in your query criteria. We'll learn about the Show Box which you can use to hide fields from the query output. This is handy if you need to hide sensitive data, like a credit limit, but still need to use that data for your criteria. You'll learn how to use date-based criteria with the Date() function to show, for example, all records in the past, or all records that are more than 30 days old.


We'll learn how to deal with empty/blank values with the Is Null and Is Not Null keywords. We'll cover wildcard characters and the LIKE keyword. This will allow you to find things like "all ZIP codes starting with 142," or "all customers with last names starting in S." We'll also see how to use wildcards to find records from a specific month.


Next we'll learn about Parameter Queries. These are extremely powerful. A parameter query allows the end-user to type in a value for a query criteria when the query runs. This way if you want to run reports for each state, for example, you don't have to make 50 different queries. The user can just specify "NY" or whatever state they want when the query runs.


Finally, in our Questions from Students lesson, we'll cover several different topics, like how to show the Top 10 Values (or Top X values, or Top X percent) in a query, what the drop-down box for the field name in a query is for, why there is a RUN button for queries (instead of just the datasheet view button), and how to format the ouput of query fields.


This is a great class for anyone who is wants to learn how to work with queries in Microsoft Access. Of course, if you have any questions about whether or not this class is for you, please contact me.


Complete Outline - Access Beginner Level 5

00. Introduction (6:49)

01. Query Criteria 1 (16:30)
Multiple OR Conditions
Delete a query
Rename a query
"NY" OR "PA"
"NY" OR "PA" OR "TX"
IN ("NY","PA","TX","CA")
Criteria OR Rows
From NY and are Active
AND condition across columns
AND across, OR down
(State=NY) OR (State=PA AND Active=TRUE)
Customers with Credit Limit over $1000
From NY with $1000 or anybody with $1500
AND OR inside of a single critera
BETWEEN keyword

02. Query Criteria 2 (15:40)
NOT Keyword
Inequalitites Review
AND limits query results
OR expands query results
Show box
Hide fields from query
Prevent odd names like "Field1"
Move a query column
Dates in pound symbols
Recent customers
BETWEEN two dates
d/m/y or m/d/y regional settings
Whether to include endpoints
BETWEEN #1/1/05# AND #12/31/05#
Dates with times can be tricky
>=#1/1/05# AND <#1/1/06#
Customers before 30 days ago
Became customers yesterday
>=Date()-1 AND <Date()
03. Query Criteria 3 (8:47)
Is Null
Is Not Null
ZipCode LIKE "142*"
State LIKE "N*"
Email LIKE "*amicron*"
Date LIKE "*/2012"
Date LIKE "5/*/2012"

04. Parameter Queries (11:45)
Separate query for each state
[Enter the state]
Missing field names from tables
Parameters with other criteria
Multiple parameters
Between [Start Date] and [End Date]
Like [Company Name]
Teach your users about wildcards
Like "*" & [Company Name] & "*"
Will cover String Concatenation Later
Build report based on this query

05. Questions from Students (7:55)
Top X Values
Top X% Values
Bottom X Values
Drop-Down List in Query Columns
Change Field
Why the Run Button for Queries
Format Query Field Output
Property Sheet for Query Fields

06. Review (6:40)


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