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Courses - Microsoft Excel 201
Description: Intermediate Microsoft Excel
Running Time: 67 minutes
Pre-Requisites: Excel 104 strongly recommended
We use Excel XP in this course, but the lessons are valid for all versions of Excel from 95 to 2003. There are cosmetic changes in Excel 2007. Order before 4/23/2024 to get a FREE upgrade to our 2007 version when released!

 Click here for the Teacher's Outline
This is our first Intermediate level Excel class, so get ready for a lot of great, new, powerful features! We're going to start out by learning about the IF function - which allows Excel to make decisions for itself. We'll learn about relative v. absolute references. We'll see how to share data between multiple sheets. And, you will see how to paste-link and embed Excel sheets into Word documents.

We will begin with a look at the IF function. This is a very powerful function that we can use to make Excel decide what value to put in a cell based on the values in other cells. We'll talk all about the IF function and how it works.

Remember the student gradebook sheet we created back in Excel 101? We'll see how to use the IF function to give our students a pass or fail mark.

We'll do another example where we can make Excel decide whether or not to charge a customer sales tax based on what state they're from. Yes, I know it looks complicated, but once we show you how it works, it's really quite easy to use!

Next, we'll learn about relative v. absolute references in our sheets... what they are, and why we need them! Yes, it's that funky dollar-sign notation you can see below in the formula bar.

We'll do another example of absolute references with some sales figures. I like to give multiple examples of new techniques - just to make sure you get it.

Next I will show you how to refer to cell values on other sheets. This will let you share data between multiple worksheets.

We will learn about the Paste Special feature where you can paste a link to your data on different sheets, or just paste the values, or just paste the formats... the possibilities are many.

Next, we'll learn how to copy and paste information from Excel directly into Microsoft Word. First, I'll show you how to bring over Excel data as just a simple Word Table. This is real easy to do.

Then, we'll learn all about Object Linking and Embedding where we can actually paste a version of our Excel sheet into a Word document - and still treat it like a little piece of Excel that we can edit in-place (complete with calculations, formats, etc.)

Next, we'll see how a linked copy of your Excel data will automatically update in any Word documents it's pasted in if the original changes. This is great if you have one set of data you need to constantly update in multiple reports. This technique even works for PowerPoint.

Finally, we'll finish the class with a bunch of additional tips and tricks. We'll learn about Insert Cut Cells, moving sheet tabs around in our workbooks, using the Borders toolbar to draw manual borders, and more.


So, if you really... I mean really... want to learn how to make Excel do what you want it to do, this class is a must. It is the first class where we start making Excel think for itself with the IF function. Watch this course for no other reason than to learn how this function works... properly! We spend a lot of time on it, so don't miss it!



 Click here for the Teacher's Outline

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