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Microsoft Excel Tutorials

Excel 2007 thru 2021 are nearly identical, especially for the beginner. You'll have no problems following along with these lessons.

Beginner Lessons
  Excel Beginner 1

1 hour 29 minutes



The Excel Interface & The Ribbon
Entering & Editing Data
The Formula Bar
Rows, Columns, Cells, Ranges
Worksheets & Workbooks
Formatting Data & Cells
Basic Math Calculations & Formulas
Saving, Loading, Printing Sheets
  Excel Beginner 2

1 hour 28 minutes

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Using the Clipboard
Wotking with AutoFill
Cell Data Formats
Rows & Columns
Working with Sheets
Sorting Data
Conditional Formatting
Find & Replace
  Excel Beginner 3

1 hour 40 minutes

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What are Functions
How to Use Functions
Sum, Average
Count, Max, Min
Styles & Themes
Page Layout
Insert Illustrations
Pictures, Clipart, SmartArt
  Excel Beginner 4

1 hour 38 minutes

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What are Charts & Graphs
Insert Column, Pie, Line Charts
Multiple Series in Charts
Formatting Chart Objects
Copy Charts to Microsoft Word
Creating a Summary Sheet
Working with Data Tables / Lists
  Excel Beginner 5

1 hour 46 minutes

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Insert Text, Hyperlinks, WordArt
Text Boxes, Symbols, Objects
Headers & Footers, Date Codes
Freeze Panes, Split Sheet
Borders & Gridlines
Merge & Center, Format Painter
Comments, Research, Stock Quotes
Office Online Templates
Expert Lessons
  Excel Expert 1

1 hour 8 minutes

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Expert Formula & Function Techniques
Relative vs. Absolute References
Named Cells & Ranges
Referencing Values on Other Sheets
Creating a Summary Info Sheet
Text Functions
Exact, Concatenate, Left, Right, Mid
Find, Search, Substitute, Replace, More!
  Excel Expert 2

1 Hour 33 minutes

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Understanding Excel dates/times
Date/time arithmetic (add/subtract)
Custom date/time codes and formats
Most popular Date/Time Functions
Determining date components
Constructing a date/time from parts
Calculating an age or anniversary date
Determining number of work days
Creating a time sheet to track hours
  Excel Expert 3

1 Hour 11 minutes

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Using Logic Functions & Values
True, False, And, Or, Not
Using the IF function to make decisions
Nested IF functions for multiple options
Calculating sales tax in-state
Assigning a pass/fail grade to a student
Giving a student a letter grade (A-F)
Time sheet that crosses midnight
Is a given cell blank, text, number
  Excel Expert 4

1 Hour 10 minutes

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Work with Lookup Functions
Assiging a letter based on average
Use VLOOKUP to look up a value
Understand range vs. exact matches
Calculate year-to-date sales
Compare two lists for missing items
Find the closest value in a list
  Excel Expert 5

1 Hour 5 minutes

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More with the SUM function
Calculating a Running Balance / Total
The SUMIF and SUMIFS functions
Count Numeric, Blank, Non-Blank Cells
Rounding Up, Down, and more
Lots of Math (Median, Sqrt, Random)
Automatic Recalculation
Basic Trigonometry in Excel
Calculate the Height of a Building
  Excel Expert 6

1 Hour 8 minutes

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Financial Terms & Functions
Loan Calculator with Multiple Scenarios
Investment Calculator
Interest Rate Calculator with ROI
Millionaire Calculator
Home Value Calculator
Loan Amortization Schedule
Credit Card Payoff Calculator
  Excel Expert 7

1 Hour 5 minutes

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What is a PivotTable?
Creating a PivotTable
Set Values, Row & Column Labels
Editing a PivotTable
Sort, Filter, Expand/Collapse, Pivot Data
Layout, Slicers, Multiple Values
Subtotals, Styles, Data Subsets
Creating & Editing PivotCharts
Grouping Data by Month, Value Range
  Excel Expert 8

1 Hour 8 minutes

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Protect Worksheet Contents
Encrypting Workbooks with Password
Advanced Copy & Paste Methods
Paste Special Options
Using the Office Clipboard
Fill & Series Fill
Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
Data Entry Forms
  Excel Expert 9

1 Hour 5 minutes

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Advanced Sorting Techniques
Creating Custom Lists
Customizing the Excel Interface
Modifying the Quick Access Toolbar
Creating Custom Ribbon Tabs
Advanced Data Filtering
Special Text, Numeric, Date Filters
Create a Custom Filtering Section
  Excel Expert 10

1 Hour 16 minutes

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Working with Custom Views
Using the SUBTOTAL Function
Creating Data Sheet Outlines
Expand & Collapse Data Groups
Control Input with Validation
Select Values in Dropdown Lists
Multiple Cascading Dropdown Lists
Lookups with the DGETS Function
  Excel Expert 11

1 Hour 16 minutes

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Video Time Conversion
Find, Left, Len, Mid, Right
XLOOKUP Function
Two-Way (Double) Lookups
Developer Toolbar
Combo Box Control
More Expert & Advanced Lessons
We are currently in the process of developing new Expert, Advanced, and Developer-level courses for Microsoft Excel. If you would like to be notified when they are available, sign up for our Mailing List. You can check our Production Schedule for a timeline.
We do already have many Expert level classes available for Microsoft Excel 2003. If you are interested in learning about more advanced Excel functions, you might want to take a look at them. Once you get beyond the menu interface, the core functionality of Excel is still pretty much the same. Plus, if you purchase any of our older Excel 2003 tutorials, you will get a FREE UPGRADE once the 2010 version is released.

Click here if you are looking for Excel 2003 or Excel 2007 tutorials.



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