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Courses - Microsoft FrontPage 202
Description: Intermediate Microsoft FrontPage
Running Time: 77 minutes
Pre-Requisites: FrontPage 201 strongly recommended
We use FrontPage XP in this course, but the lessons are valid for all versions of FrontPage from 2000 to 2003.
In this class, we will continue working with the Web we created in FrontPage 101, 102, 103, and 201.

In FrontPage 202 we will again focus on Forms design. We will begin this class by constructing a Guest Book where your users can fill in their name, email address, and comments about your site.


This information will be collected and displayed on your Guest Book page for all to see.


We'll teach you how to capture this information in a text database format, so that you can collect user data for your records.


You will also learn how to have this information emailed to you, so that you can immediately receive notification of any updates to your Guest Book.


We'll spend a brief time looking at the Form Wizard, and how you can quickly use it to construct new forms.


We will use the Form Wizard to create a realistic Marketing Survey which will again allow you to capture vital information from your visitors.


Now on to the meat and potatos of this class: constructing a Form from scratch. We will design an Order Form from the ground up. We'll teach you how to build the form using the basic FrontPage components.


You will learn how to manually create all of the different standard FrontPage form components, from text boxes and text areas, to drop-down boxes... check boxes and option buttons. We will cover all of the basic components, and teach you how to manipulate their properties. You will learn how to store the order results in a text database on your server, and have the order form emailed to you as soon as its placed.


Next, we'll take a look at Form Data Validation. This will allow you to control what kind of data goes in each field. Do you want to only allow numbers? Characters? Values in a certain range? You can do this with Data Validation.


Tired of the plain Submit buttons that FrontPage gives you? We will take just a few minutes to teach you how to create your own Picture Buttons. We'll use Microsoft Paint (comes with Windows) to create the button, and integrate it into our Form.


We'll then see how you can create an Advanced Button - where you can integrate different fonts, tables, and pictures inside the buttons themselves!


You will learn how to create Option Boxes... well as integrated Form Labels that link to their respective fields, like check boxes.


This course takes you from just knowing how to integrate basic Forms using the pre-designed page templates into building your own forms, and truly understanding how they work. If you are interested in building your own forms to collect custom user data on your web site, this course is for you!



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