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Courses - Photoshop 101
Description: Introduction to Photoshop
Running Time: 74 minutes
Pre-Requisites: Windows 101 recommended
Windows 102 or Windows 110 recommended
We use Photoshop 7 in this class, but the lessons are valid for just about every version of Photoshop, including Elements. The concepts are the same regardless of Photoshop version.
This is the perfect class for anyone who knows nothing about Photoshop, or has used Photoshop for a little while, but needs to learn how to do more. We will take you from knowing nothing to editing your photos and images in about an hour.

We will begin by taking a tour of the Photoshop interface, learning about all of the different commands, toolbars, and palettes. You will then learn how to open images, such as our friend Ducky here.

Next, we'll learn how to create images from scratch, how to draw using the Brush tools, and how to change colors and brush shapes & sizes. Yes, I know this sample image doesn't look like much, but you'll learn a lot in this lesson!

Next we'll learn how to load and work with existing images to do the types of things that you want to do with Photoshop. We'll learn how to remove shadows, undo changes, work with opacity, brush strokes, flow settings, spatter brushes, and more. Here I've used an Airbrush with medium flow and 50% opacity to give Ducky some crazy hair.

Next we'll learn how to Zoom in and out, and work with tiny details on our pictures by editing individual pixels. We'll also learn about file formats (GIF, JPG, BMP, etc.) and saving graphics for use on the Web. Here I'm going to use the Zoom tool...

...and change this eagle's eye to pink.

Next we'll learn how to add text to our images.

I'll then show you how to edit and transform the text, move it around the screen, rotate it, etc. You'll also learn how to work with Layers so that we can create a separate layer for our text. And of course we'll learn lots of different layer tricks - duplicating, hiding, etc.

Finally, we'll learn about all of Photoshop's powerful selection tools. You'll learn how to make selections around parts of your image. I'll show you how to make simple rectangular selections. You'll learn about the lasso and magnetic lasso tools.

And of course we'll learn about my favorite selection tool, the magic wand which is extremely versatile.

We'll also talk about all kinds of selection settings, such as the magic wand's tolerance level, and how to select non-contiguous regions. I'll show you cut, copy, and paste, and a lot of other necessities.

This is the perfect class for the Photoshop novice. If you've never used Photoshop before, or you're just getting started, don't miss this class.


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