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Courses - Photoshop 204
Description: Intermediate Photoshop
Running Time: 51 minutes
Pre-Requisites: Photoshop 203 strongly recommended
We use Photoshop 7 in this class, but the lessons are valid for just about every version of Photoshop, including Elements. The concepts are the same regardless of Photoshop version.

This is the first of two courses covering Photoshop's various Filters. The purpose of these two classes is to familiarize you with all of the different kinds of filtering effects available in Photoshop. In today's class you will learn:

  • Sharpen Filter
  • Blur Filter
  • Artistic Filters
  • Brush Strokes Filters

We begin by learning about the Sharpen Filters: sharpen, sharpen more, sharpen edges, unsharp mask, radius, tolerance, and using fade. You can use these filters to clear up blurry pictures.

Before - blurry

After - with sharpen more filter


Next, we'll learn the exact opposite - how to blur different regions of your photo with the blur filters: bluring wrinkles and backgrounds, motion blur, radial blur, and smart blur. You can see how a little bit of blur tends to soften up grandma's wrinkles:

We can also use blur to de-emphasize regions of a photo. For example, the background foliage in this picture is a bit distracting...

With a little blur, you don't notice it as much...

This is great for taking sports photography pictures that were taken with a really good camera (so there is no blur) and faking the action...

Before - no blur

After - with a little motion blur added

After - or how about one of the players?


Next we'll learn about all of the different Artistic Filters, such as colored pencil, cutout, dry brush, film grain, fresco, neon glow, paint daubs, palette knife, plastic wrap, posted edges, rough pastels, smudge stick, sponge, underpainting, and watercolor. Here are just a few of the cool effects...

Before - our flower bouquet

Colored Pencil Filter

Paint Daubs Filter

Plastic Wrap Filter

Watercolor Filter

Poster Edges Filter - make our baseball game look like a cartoon


Next, we look at the Brush Strokes filters including Accented Edges, Angled Strokes, Crosshatch, Dark Strokes, Ink Outlines, Spatter, Sprayed Strokes, Sumi-e.

Angled Strokes Filter

Crosshatch Filter

Before - our Rose picture

Ink Outlines Filter

This is a great class if you want to get into different effects for modifying and filtering your artwork. If you want to add these different artistic effects to your images, you need to become familiar with all of the different filters.



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