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Courses - Photoshop 205
Description: Intermediate Photoshop
Running Time: 51 minutes
Pre-Requisites: Photoshop 204 strongly recommended
We use Photoshop 7 in this class, but the lessons are valid for just about every version of Photoshop, including Elements. The concepts are the same regardless of Photoshop version.

This is the second of two courses covering Photoshop's various Filters. The purpose of these two classes is to familiarize you with all of the different kinds of filtering effects available in Photoshop. In today's class you will learn:

  • Sketch Filters
  • Distort Filters
  • Pixelate Filters
  • Noise Filters
  • Render Filters
  • Stylize Filters
  • Texture Filters

We begin by learning about the Sketch Filters: Bas Relief, Chalk & Charcoal, Charcoal, Chrome, Conte Crayon, Graphic Pen, Halftone, Pattern, Notepaper, Plaster, Photocopy, Reticulation, Stamp, Torn Edges, and Water Paper.

Before - our Rose picture

Bas Relief Filter

Chalk & Charcoal Filter

Chrome Filter


Before - our flower bouquet

Notepaper Filter

Photocopy Filter

Stamp Filter


Before - picture of a softball

After the stamp filter (rubber stamp)

Torn Edges Filter


Water Paper Filter


Next we learn the Distort Filters: Diffuse Glow, Displace, Displacement Map, Glass, Ocean Ripple, Pinch, Spherize, ZigZag, Polar Coordinates, Ripple, Shear, Twirl, Wave.

Diffuse Glow Filter

Diffuse Glow make a bride...

...really stand out.


It's also really good for...

...any kind of product placement pictures.


You will learn how to use the build-in Photoshop displacement maps, and you'll also learn how to create your own. Notice the softball interspaced throughout this image...


Glass Filter

Settings for the Pinch Filter

Settings for the Spherize Filter

The Polar Coordinates Filter lets you take a flat image...

...and turn it into a rounded "globe" around one of the poles.

The "Wind" Shear Filter


Next we learn the Pixelate Filters: Mosaic, Color Halftone, Facet, Fragment, Crystallize, Mezzotint, and Pointilize.

Use the Mosaic Filter to create a "Tiled" look

The Color Halftone Filter

The Fragment Filter

The Crystallize Filter

The Mezzotint Filter

Settings for the Pointilize Filter


Next we learn the Noise Filters: Add Noice, Despeckle, Dust & Scratches, and Median.

Settings for the Add Noise Filter

The Dust & Scratches Filter can take a section from a badly scratched photo...

...and automatically remove scratches. Notice the grass.


Next we learn the Render Filters: 3D Transform, Clouds, Difference Clouds, Lens Flare, Lightning Effects.

Settings for the 3D Transform Filter...

We can take this fish...

...and make his head poke out at us more.

You can use the Clouds filter to instantly add clouds
to the background of any picture.

The Difference Clouds Filter gives a psychadelic effect

Use the Lens Flare filter to add a "flash" to the image

Settings for the Lighting Effects Filter

Before the Lighting Effect Filter

After... we added a soft yellow light coming from the upper-right corner

Here's a soft blue light from the left.

Next we study the Stylize Filters: Diffuse, Emboss, Extrude, Find Edges, Glowing Edges, Solarize, Trace Countour, Tiles, and Wind.

The Diffuse Filter

The Emboss Filter

The Extrude Filter

The Find Edges Filter

The Glowing Edges Filter

Desaturate and add the Solarize Filter for a cool reverse negative

The Tiles Filter

Settings for the Trace Contour Filter

The Wind Filter should have been called Paint Smear


Finally we'll study the Texture Filters: Craquelure, Grain, Mosaic Tiles, Patchwork, Stained Glass, and Texturizer.

The Craquelure Filter

The Grain Filter

The Mosaic Tiles Filter

The Patchwork Filter

The Stained Glass Filter

The Texturizer Filter can make your image look like it's painted
over different textures, such as a brick wall or canvas

In this class I show you a whole ton of different filters. The images above are only a small sample of everything we go over in class. Don't miss this tutorial if you want to learn how to add these kinds of effects to your Photoshop artwork.



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