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Courses - Microsoft PowerPoint - Index

You can use this index to see what topics are covered in each class. If you are looking for a particular course topic, you can use your browser's search function to find that topic. If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, you can open the Find feature in your browser by pressing CTRL-F or clicking on Edit > Find.
PowerPoint 101

1. What is PowerPoint
Uses for PowerPoint
Types of Presentations
Parts of the Interface
Title Bar
Maximize, Minimize, Close Buttons
Menu Bar
Separating Toolbars
Slide Area
Outline & Slides Tabs
Task Pane
Notes Pane
Views Buttons
Status Bar

2. AutoContent Wizard
Type of Presentation
Presentation Categories
Sales & Marketing
Product/Services Overview
On-Screen Presentation
Presentation Title
Slide Footer
Finish AutoContent Presentation
Outline Tab
Different Slides Created
Name of Registered Owner
Slides Tab
Moving Between Slides
Slide Design Button
Slide Design Task Pane
Format > Slide Design
Available Templates
Changing Your Template
Microsoft Office Online
Close Task Pane

3. Editing a Presentation
Text Boxes
Resizing a Text Box
Moving a Text Box
Editing Text in a Text Box
Spell Check On The Fly
How To Turn Spell Check Off
Change Text Box Background Color
Delete a Text Box
Align Left, Right, Center Text
Font, Font Size
Bold, Italics, Underline
Bulleted Lists
Changing Font Color
Deleting a Slide
Inserting a New Slide
Slide Layout Pane
Title & Text Layout
Close Slide Layout Pane
Save Your Presentation

4. Creating from Scratch
New Presentation
Outline Tab
Resizing the Outline Pane
Creating New Slides
Adding Detail to a Slide
Tab and Shift-Tab
Saving and Loading your Presentation
Add Sublevel Details

5. Editing Your Presentation
Apply a Design Template
Edit Your Title Slide
Change Bulleted List to Paragraph
Remove Bullet
Format Text

6. Graphics
Insert Clipart
Search for Clipart by Keyword
Organize Clips...
Microsoft Clip Organizer
Picture Toolbar
Docking a Toolbar
Moving an Object
Resizing an Object
Rotate an Object
Adding a Text Box
Adding an Arrow
Changing Line Color
Arrow Style
Rectangle Tool
Shift Key While Rotating
Changing Fill Color
Changing Line Color, Styles
Shadow Style
3D Effect
Delete Object
Circles & Ovals
Turning Toolbars On and Off
Insert Picture (Image)

7. Presenting
Moving a Slide in Slide Pane
Slide Sorter View
Moving Slides in Sorter
Moving Multiple Slides
Deleting Slides
Starting the Slide Show
Advance to Next Slide
Exiting Slide Show
Printing Slides
Printing B&W Only
Printing Outline

PowerPoint 102

79 minutes

1. Editing Slides, Part 1
Recreate our PP101 Presentation
Different Slide Layouts
Content Layout
Changes to Outline View with Multiple Boxes
Color Schemes
Applying Built-in Color Schemes
Editing Color Schemes
Moving Lines of Text Up and Down
Change Bullets
Larger Bullets
Different Bullet Styles
Picture Bullets
Numbered Lists
Different Numbering Styles

2. Editing Slides, Part 2
Line Spacing
Increasing Space Before / After Paragraphs
Turning on the Ruler Bar
Setting Tab Stops
Using Tabs Within Paragraphs
Using the Format Painter

3. Tables, Part 1
Inserting a Table with the Task Pane Layout
Inserting a Table with the Toolbar Button
Tables and Borders Toolbar
Typing Data into a Table
Resizing Rows and Columns
Distribute Rows Evenly
Distribute Columns Evenly
Changing Foreground and Background Colors
Changing Borders with the Drop-down Box
Using the Pencil to Draw Borders
Border Styles
Border Thickness
Border Color
Using the Eraser to Delete Cell Lines

4. Tables, Part 2
Insert Columns
Insert Rows
Split Cells
Merge Cells
Nested Tables?
Format > Table
Rotate Text by 90 Degrees
Align Top, Centered, Align Bottom
Align Left, Centered, Align Right
Copying and Pasting from Excel
OLE: Object Linking and Embedding
Embedding a Spreadsheet Fragment into PowerPoint

5. Notes & Printing
Adding Notes in Slide View
View > Notes Pages
Resizing Text with Keyboard
File > Print...
Select Your Printer
Print Range Options
Number of Copies
Print What > Slides
Print Preview
Print What > Handouts
Print What > Notes Pages
Options for B&W v. Color Printers
Frame Slide
File > Send To > Word

PowerPoint 103

79 min

1. Slide Master, Part 1
Create a New Presentation
Open the Slide Master
View the Title Master
Change the Title Master
Changes to Slides Override Master
Changing Different Bullet Levels
Placing a Graphic on your Slide Master
Making the Graphic Background Transparent
Right-Click > Background
Solid Color
Fill Effects
Gradient, Texture, Pattern, Picture
Dropping a Picture as a Background
Order > Send to Back
Washing Out a Background Picture
Brightness and Contrast - Picture Toolbar

2. Slide Master, Part 2
Slide Header Footer
Automatic Date and Time on Slides
Slide Number
Footer Text
Moving Header Footer Fields Around
Changing the Notes Master
Moving Placeholders Around
Handouts Master
Using Multiple Slide Masters
Apply New Slide Master to One Slide
Deleting a Slide Master
Preserve Master
Restoring Deleted Placeholders

3. Charts and Graphs
Inserting a Chart
Adding Rows and Columns
Deleting Rows and Columns
Change Color of Columns
Right Click > Format Series
Format Plot Area
Format Chart Area
3D View
Select One Column
Format Data Point
Change Scale of Axis
Format Axes
Chart Types: Column, Bar
Pie Charts
Data Labels (Values) on the Chart
Detatching Pie Slices
Format Chart

4. Organization Charts
Org Charts
Filling in Basic Org Chart
Adding Subordinates
Adding Assistants
Adding Coworkers
Deleting People
Layout: Standard
Left Hanging
Right Hanging
Both Hanging
Select Branch
Select Level
Fit Text

5. Other Diagrams
Cycle Diagram
Adding Text
Formatting the Arrows
Manually Editing Diagram Objects
Manually Creating a Diagram
Flowchart Autoshapes
Adding Decisions

PowerPoint 104

86 min

1. Drawing & Objects, Part 1
Grid and Guides
Turning the Grid on
Changing the Grid
Turning the Grid off
Moving the Guidelines
Autoshape Properties
Colors & Fills
Text Box Autoshape Properties

2. Drawing & Objects, Part 2
Bring to Front
Send to Back
Bring Forward
Send Backward
Selecting Multiple Objects
Group, Ungroup, Regroup
Align and Distribute
Align Left
Change AutoShape
Rotate and Flip
Format WordArt (Options)

3. More with Images
Insert Picture
Color Automatic
Black and White
Cropping Images
Rotate 90 degrees
Free Rotate
Compress Pictures
Compress All Pictures in Document
Selecting a Resolution
Delete Cropped Areas of Pictures
Recolor Picture
Recoloring Clipart
Set Transparent Color
Sources for Clipart

4. Slide Sorter Options
Outlining Toolbar
Promote / Demote
Move Up / Move Down
Collapse / Expand
Summary Slide
Show Formatting
Slide Transitions
Transition Types
Transition Speed & Sound
Advance Slide on Mouse Click
Advance Automatically After X Seconds
Apply to All Slides
Use Different Background Schemes
Random Transition for All Slides
Hiding Slides (Hidden Slides)
Custom Shows
Setting up Custom Shows
Running Custom Shows
Slide Timings
Advance Automatically
Set Up Show
Show Type
Loop Continuously Until ESC is Hit
Rerun your Slideshow All Day!
Advance Slides Manually
Use Timings if Present
Accessing Speaker Notes from Sorter View

5. Miscellaneous, Part 1
Tools > Options
Recently Used File List
Maximum Number of Undos
Save AutoRecover Info
Default File Location
Embed TrueType Fonts
Password to Open
Password to Modify
Check Spelling as You Type
Other PowerPoint Templates
Templates On My Computer
Creating Your Own Templates (POT Files)

6. Miscellaneous, Part 2
File > Page Setup Options
Replace Fonts
Rehearse Timings
AutoText, AutoCorrect
Replace Fonts
Rehearse Slide Timings
Presenting Tips
Pen and Pointer Options
Black Screen
White Screen
Switch Speaker Notes
Ballpoint Pen
Felt Tip Pen
Change Ink Color
Arrow Options
Keyboard Shortcuts List

PowerPoint 201

65 min

1. Animation Schemes
Animation Schemes
Appear and Dim
TUrning Off Slide Timings
Notice the Animation Star

2. Custom Animation, Part 1
Must be in Full Slide View
Add Effect
Motion Path
Start: On Click
Order of Animation Effects
Re-Order Effects
Removing Effects
Exit Effects
Other Objects On Slide
Animating Autoshapes
Grouped Items (Bulleted Lists)
Expanding Groups
Moving Items Inside Groups
Motion Paths
Custom Motion Paths
Editing Motion Paths

3. Custom Animation, Part 2
Animation Timing Effects
Locked / Unlocked Paths
Smooth Start / End
Show Advanced Timeline
Animating Diagrams
Effect Options
Diagram Animation Tab
Animating a Chart
Animating the Chart Elements Separately
Ungrouping a Chart
Convert Chart Objects to Drawing Objects
The Appearance of an Animated Table

4. Action Buttons & Hyperlinks
Inserting an Action Button
Move to Next Slide
On Mouse Click
On Mouse Over
Action on Click
No Action
Hyperlink To
Loading Other Presentations
Loading Web Pages
Loading Word or Excel Documents
Inserting Hyperlink Text in Slides
Jump to Other Slides
Jump to Web Pages
Send Email
Change Color of Hyperlink Text

5. Record Narration
Recording Audio
Setting Microphone Levels
Running Through Recordings
Deleting Audio From Slides
Re-Recording Individual Slide Audio
Insert > Movies & Sounds > Record Sound


Topics yet to be covered:
  • Inserting multimedia (video, CD tracks, etc.) into slides
  • Package to CD
  • PowerPoint 2003 viewer
  • Creating an online presentation
  • User forms
  • Macros
  • VBA for PowerPoint

If you are anxious to see tutorials for any of these topics, please email me and let me know! Let me know exactly what you want to see.



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