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Access Web Data Sync Seminar
Use Access to Power your Web Site, Get Data From the Web into Access

This seminar covers integrating your Microsoft Access database and your Web Site. You will learn how to use Access to feed your Web Site with data and use Access to read information from the Web. Click here to watch a video explaining the goals for this seminar, or scroll down for more information.


Seminars - Access Web Data Synchronization
Description: Seminar for downloading data from the Web into Access, and using Access to populate Web page data.
Versions: We will use Access 2007, Expression Web 1.0 XP, and Classic ASP. This seminar is valid for any version of Access from 2000 up, and you may also use Microsoft FrontPage 2000 to 2003 as your web editor, instead of Expression Web (or really any web editor you choose).
Pre-Requisites: HTML 101 strongly recommended
ASP 101 recommended
Access 101 - 201 helpful
Visual Basic 101 helpful but optional
FrontPage 101 - 102 helpful
Running Time: Over Five (5) Hours
Cost: $199.99


This seminar has three main goals. You will learn how to:

1. Use Access to pull information off of Web pages
2. Collect data on your Web site and download it into Access
3. Update your Web site with data from your Access database

You will begin by learning how to pull information from different Web pages into your Access database. We'll see how to read the current temperature, and how to pull down current stock prices.


Next, you will learn how to create a customer data collection database on your web site. You will collect names and email addresses and then pull that information down into your Access database.


Then you will learn how to use Access to maintain a product database and upload that information to your Web site. The benefit is that someone with absolutely no skills with Access or Web design can maintain and update your Web site with just the click of one button.


You will learn how to use the Microsoft Web Browser control inside of Access so you can use it to load and analyze any page on the Web.


We'll program a timer event to make your Access database automatically go out to the Web every couple of minutes to download real-time stock quotes and store them in your database for analysis.


Next you will learn how to create a form on your Web site to collect user information: name, email address, etc.


Then we'll learn how to use Access to download that data from our Web site so we can collect the names and addresses every day - or whenever there is new data.


Next we'll learn how to use our Access database to control the content of our Web site. We'll store the text for each of our Web pages in our Access database and then with the click of a button be able to update our Web site. This way, someone who doesn't know Web design can easily update the content on your Web site.


Finally, we'll do the same thing with a product database. We'll create a local product table and form in our Access database, and then with the click of a button update our Web site with all of the product information that has recently changed. Again, it's one-click maintenance of your Web site, and it allows you to synchronize the data between both databases.



This seminar is perfect for anyone who wants to work with their Access database and the Web. Whether you're pulling information down from your Web site, collecting data from other sites, or even pushing information back up to the Web, this seminar is for you.

This seminar is long (over five hours) but it's broken up into 30 easily managed lessons of about 8 to 15 minutes each. You can sit down, watch a lesson, review the material, test the code out yourself, and experiment. Do a little bit each day. It's long, but it's comprehensive - you won't miss a single step as I've recorded everything from start to finish.

All of the sample database files are available on the Web site (instructions on where to download them are in the course videos). They are available in Access 2007 and 2000 formats. There is also an optional printed (or PDF) handbook you can purchase to go with the course that has full screen shots and source code listings to follow along with - or refer back to afterward.

You can use the information from this seminar to gather data from Web sites, collect data from your own site, keep your Web site information up-to-date, etc. The list goes on, and the sky's the limit. Of course, if you have any questions about whether or not this seminar is for you, please contact me.


Complete Seminar Outline - Topics Covered

0. Introduction (14:17)
Topics Covered
Software Required
Important Information

1. WebBrowser Control (9:23)
Adding WebBrowser in Access 2007
Adding WebBrowser in Access 2003
Adding WebBrowser in Access 2000
Command Button to Go To Web Page URL

2. WebBrowser Navigation (9:14)
User Input URL for WebBrowser
Add Text Box URL Control
Check if the WebBrowser Navigating?
IsNavigating Check Box
WebBrowser DocumentComplete
WebBrowser DownloadBegin

3. Reading HTML & Page Text (10:21)
Show Current URL
DocumentComplete URL Parameter
Read HTML in a Web Page
Read Text in a Web Page
For Each Next Loop

4. Parsing Page Data (10:15)
Understanding URLs
URL Parameters (QueryString)
Use Mobile Versions if Possible
Parsing Page Data
String Manipulation
InStr, Mid Functions
Reading Weather Data
Finding the Current Temperature

5. Insert Data Into Table With SQL (9:14)
Create TemperatureT Table
Append Query
INSERT SQL Statement

6. Insert Data With Recordset (9:29)
setup Recordset
Save Data
Recordset Issues With Access 2000
Microsoft DAO Object Library
Declaration Issues With Access 2003
Option Explicit
Timing Issues With Access 2003
IsNull Problem

7. Automated Download With Timer (9:25)
OnTimer Event
Timer Interval in Milliseconds
Navigate Automatically
Avoid Multiple Simulataneous Events
Event Running Indicator

8. Separate Timer Form (10:54)
Create a Timer Form to Launch Events
Public Sub LoadURL
Integer Division and Modulus
While Wend Loop

9. Recording Multiple Events (12:17)
Checking Temp in Multiple ZIP Codes
Adding ZIP Code to Table
Stop Timer Checkbox
Recordset to Loop Through ZIP Codes
Recordset While Loop

10. Checking Stock Quotes (8:45)
Copy Web Form
Me Keyword
Edit VB Code for Stocks
Using to Get Stocks

11. Working With Text Files, Part 1 (10:38)
Why Use Text Files?
Analyzing Data Line by Line
Creating a Temporary Text File
Writing Text Files
Open Text File for Output
Problem with Windows Vista Security
Reading Text Files
Open Text File for Input
Line Input
Text File EOF
Left String Function
CSng Function - Convert String to Single

12. Working With Text Files, Part 2 (7:22)
Modifying our Recordset
Saving the Stock History Data
Invalid Use of Null
Debugging Break Points
Turn on the Debug Toolbar
Step Into, Over, Out of Code Lines

13. Working With Text Files, Part 3 (10:27)
Replace Function
CLng Function - Convert to Long Integer
Switching to
Viewing the HTML of a Web Page
View Source
Form Post Problem
Converting Form Post to Query String
Adjust Code for New Data
Storing the Stock Data

14. Multiple Automated Stock Quotes (9:41)
Add Check Stock Quotes to Timer Form
Create Stock Lookup Table
Automate Lookup of Multiple Stocks

15. Acquire Data on Your Web Site (12:35)
Using Expression Web or FrontPage
What if you use a different Web Editor?
Using ASP (Active Server Pages)
For More Info See my ASP Courses
Also See Web Database Seminar
Open my Web Site in Expression Web
Create a SubSite in my Web for Data Collection
Create an HTML Form to Collect Data
Database Creation Wizard
fpdb Folder
Global.ASA File - Don't Touch It

16. Custom Data Collection ASP Page (15:32)
You can't just drop a database in your Web
Clean up the Junk from the HTML Form
Create our own Submit.asp
Request Data from Web Form
Perform Data Validation (Missing or Bad Data)
Saving Data to the Database

17. Page to Display Collected Data (9:04)
ASP Code to Display All Collected Records
Basic Security for Your Display Page

18. Download Collected Data to Access (15:19)
Create Another Access WebForm
Modify Recordset for New Data
Gather Data from Web Site

19. Delete Records from Server, Part 1 (8:41)
ASP Page to Delete All Server Records
Modifying Access WebForm to Delete Records
Specify Operating Mode
AnalyzeDeleteRecords Sub
Dealing with No Records to Display

20. Delete Records from Server, Part 2 (7:41)
Browser Caching Problems with IE
Careful With Your IF/Then Logic

21. Virtual Page Data on Web Site (11:46)
Create a Virtual Page Database
Modify Access Database on the Web Site
Create a Virtual News and Sales Data Page

22. Local Virtual Page Database (5:24)
Create Local Virtual Page Data Table / Form
HasChanged Event & Indicator

23. Post Data From Access to Web, Part 1 (9:14)
Build ASP Page to Accept Data from Access
New WebForm to Post Data to Web Site

24. Post Data From Access to Web, Part 2 (10:00)

25. Posting Large Fields to Web, Part 1 (10:54)
Create HTML Web Form to Accept Data
Give your HTML Form a Name

26. Posting Large Fields to Web, Part 2 (12:24)
Set Web Form Values from JavaScript in VBA
Clicking a Submit Button with Code
Converting Line Breaks to BR

27. Product Database Access to Web, Part 1 (11:45)
Create Product Table for Access DB
Create Form and Database on Web Site
Update Field Types in Web Database

28. Product Database Access to Web, Part 2 (10:38)
Auto Add New Records if Not Found
Create a ProductF Form in Access
HasChanged BeforeUpdate event
Update WebForm code

29. Display Product Listing on Web Site (13:30)
Build Product List ASP Code on Web Site
Design Loop with Records to Display Table
Add Picture URLs
Get Images from Web, Store on Server

30. Review (4:15)




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