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Build Great Web Sites

  • Do you want to create professional Web sites using Microsoft FrontPage?
  • Do you want to maintain your current Web site on your own?
  • Are you considering Web development for a new career?
Seminars - Microsoft FrontPage
Description: Video recorded from our Live Microsoft FrontPage Seminar
Versions: Applicable to FrontPage 2000, XP, 2003
Running Time: Four (4) Hours
Cost: $34
Learn how to build FrontPage Web Sites from the ground up. This course will teach you everything from the basics of Web page creation all the way up to the more advanced features. The course consists of FOUR (4), one-hour sessions. Registration for all four classes is only $34

Why Microsoft FrontPage? There are a growing number of companies and professionals who are finding out that it is more cost effective to develop and maintain their Web Site in-house than it is to have an outside firm do so. Not only can they keep their costs lower, but they maintain complete control over their site, and can make changes and modifications as needed. FrontPage is a very powerful tool, yet is easy to learn. If you can write a letter in Word, you can build a Web site in FrontPage.

Who should attend? Anyone who is looking to learn how to organize, develop, and maintain a custom web site for their organization, or anyone who is interested in developing web sites as a profession. This course is designed for the non-computer professional who has a firm working knowledge of computers, is familiar with the World Wide Web, and is proficient with word processing (such as with Microsoft Word). No prior web development experience is necessary.

What will be covered? We will develop an entire web site for a fictional company. We will show you the basics of how to edit a web page with FrontPage, how to include advanced FrontPage components such as hit counters, reply forms, and discussion forums. We will teach you how to edit your web pages using HTML. We will also teach you how to market and promote your web site to increase your traffic. For more information on what is covered, see below for the complete course outline.

Where will the course be held? Wherever you are! That's the best thing about online courses - you can learn from the comfort of your home or office. All you need is a Web browser and Windows Media Player, which is a free download from Microsoft if it's not already installed on your computer (and it probably is).

When is the course held? This is an Open Enrollment course, which means you can sign on to our Web site any time you want to watch the course videos when it's convenient for you. This is perfect for the busy executive, employees who want to take class after work hours, or the student on the go. You can also download the course, or have it mailed to you on CD-ROM.

How much is registration, and what do I get? The cost is only $34  per student (quantity discounts available, please call). Registration includes enrollment for the six-session course and a downloadable, 150+ page workbook outlining everything taught in class.

Why Amicron? Why should you trust Amicron for your online training? We have been providing classroom-based training since 1994. We don't just cover the material in some off-the-shelf textbook. We have written all of our own course materials and we know what you need to learn from practical experience. Every computer training company will say this, but we really mean it: our instructors are true experts. We're not just teachers who know computers. We're computer programmers, database developers, and technicians who teach. 

Who is the instructor? Richard Rost is the instructor for this course. He is a self-taught computer programmer, database developer, and web designer by trade. Richard started his career in computer training working in the technical support industry. He was in charge of training computer technicians to help customers solve their problems over the phone. From there, Richard founded Amicron Technology Services in 1994. When he's not teaching, he's building Access database solutions for clients nationwide. He also builds web sites and online databases.

Where do I sign up? You can enroll for the class by clicking on the link below. We accept all major credit cards. You can also pay by check or money order. Yes, we will accept original, signed and dated purchase orders from accredited colleges and universities, and Fortune 1000 corporations.

Course Outline

In this course, we will develop an entire web site for a fictional company. We will show you the basics of how to edit a web page with FrontPage, how to include advanced FrontPage components such as hit counters, reply forms, and discussion forums. We will teach you how to tweak your web pages using HTML. We will also teach you how to market and promote your web site to increase your traffic. We even spend a little time on advanced web topics, like JavaScript.

PreRequisite: Windows Basics, Word Basics, and Internet Basics. Students should have a good understanding of how to use Windows, and a computer in general. Students should also have some experience online with the Internet and the World Wide Web, although no previous Web design experience is necessary. Students should also how to use a word processor, like Microsoft Word, to create basic documents.

Topics Covered: Introduction to Web development, origins of the Web, basic definitions and acronyms, getting connected, steps for designing your Web, design considerations, building a FrontPage Web, the FrontPage interface, constructing your Home Page, character formatting, horizontal lines, bulleted lists, colors, saving your work, understanding Hyperlinks, linking pages together, linking to other Web sites, creating Mail links, comments, previewing your site in your Web browser, adding graphics to your pages, adding clipart, understanding graphics formats such as GIF and JPG, moving graphics objects around, capturing images from other web sites, creating your own graphics with Microsoft Paint. In this course, we will be building a complete web site for a fictional company: Pete's Pizza. At the end of this class, you will have a simple, 5-page web designed with some links between the pages, graphics, and other basic web features.

Understanding FrontPage Server Extensions, FrontPage components, hit counters, hover buttons, include page components, absolute v. relative hyperlink references, creating a navigation bar for your entire web site without using FrontPage's built-in navigation feature (which we don't like), scrolling marquees, search page, understanding tables, laying out your pages using tables for maximum control of positioning, resizing table rows and columns, borders, cell properties, table properties, inserting rows and columns, page templates, building a customer feedback form, creating a guest book, publishing your web to a web server, understanding frames, understanding themes, navigation bars and buttons, page properties, background colors, page titles. At the end of this class, we've really enhanced our web site. We've given it a sharper look and feel. We've adding a navigation bar so that changing hyperlinks for all of the pages in our web only has to be done once. We've added customer feedback forms and guest books forms. We've learned how to lay out our pages using tables.

Custom forms, creating a customer order form for our pizza place, creating a forms folder, adding text boxes, text box properties, using tables for form layout, drop down menus, drop down menu properties, check boxes, radio buttons, scrolling text boxes, form properties, saving the form data on the web server, sending the form data via email, confirmation page, page background graphics, watermarking graphics, using the same background across your entire web site, graphics hotspots, image maps, DHTML effects. In this class, we learn how to construct our own custom forms to gather information from our web site visitors, and to send that information back to us using Email, or saving the data to a file on our web server for use in a database.

Useful Web Wizards, the corporate presence web, the discussion web wizard, the import web wizard, HTML basics, HTML tags, understanding HTML, understanding META tags, description, keywords, refresh, publishing on the web.

So if you're serious about learning how to build web sites with FrontPage, this seminar is for you. This is the complete video recorded from one of our previous seminars. It covers all four hours of the course.

Please note: this seminar was recorded from a LIVE webcast event. The quality of the video is not up to the high standards of our normal 599CD courses. There are a couple of skips and short blackouts during this video, but it is still very instructional.





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