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Upgrading to Word 2007
Learn What's New and Different in Microsoft Word

Are you still using Word 2003, or an older version? Want to see what's new and different in Word 2007? Or perhaps, have you already upgraded to Word 2007? Are you struggling with the new features, or perhaps want to see what's new that you're missing?
If you said YES to any of these questions, then this seminar is for you. This video seminar will teach you about all of the new and changed features in Word 2007:


Seminar - Upgrading to Word 2007
Description: Upgrading to Word 2007
Versions: We will learn with Word 2007, and will cover all of the new features. If you're used to Word 2003, XP, 2000, or even Word 97, you will be just fine in this seminar.
Pre-Requisites: Word 101 strongly recommended
Running Time: Over Two Hours (137 Minutes)
Cost: $29.99


This seminar is for the person who wants to learn what's new and improved in Word 2007. We will begin by covering the new menu interface called The Ribbon.

The Ribbon


You will learn about the Quick Access Toolbar and how to customize it with your own buttons.

Quick Access Toolbar


We will see how there are changes to the basic look and feel of text that you type in to Word 2007. The font has changed, but there are also slight differences in the paragraph spacing, line spacing, and more. We'll point these out for you.

Changes to Default Text


We'll learn about all of the new features on the Office Button, which is the replacement for the File menu. We'll also talk about all of Word's new file formats, including DOCX.

Office Button


There are a whole ton of new settings on the Options Menu. This is the replacement for Tools > Options. We'll cover all of the important ones.

Options Menu


Microsoft really made some significant changes to the Styles and Themes that are available in Word 2007. They really make it easy to turn your document into a professional-looking publication real quick.

Styles and Themes


Headers and Footers have changed, and have some new improvements. We'll see how it's much easier to create great-looking document headers.

Headers and Footers


Graphics have changed a lot. I'll show you the new improvements with inserting pictures, graphics, clip-art, shapes, and charts.

Graphics and Charts


We'll learn about a brand new feature called Building Blocks which includes QuickParts. These are a blast, and they make constructing documents from smaller pieces real easy.

Building Blocks QuickParts


Next, we'll cover a whole ton of smaller subjects that are improvements on previous Word features, or minor new add-ons. This list includes the new Equation Editor, improvements to Spell Check, Views, Zoom, new Page Translation, Research...



...Bullets, Multi-Level Lists, Switch Windows, Thumbnails, Change Case, References Tab, the new Bibliography feature...



...Downloading Templates from Office Online, the new Calendar Templates, Mail Merge, Comparing Two Documents for changes...

Calendar Templates


Plus there are a lot of extra, small tips and tricks that are thrown in throughout this seminar - like keyboard shortcuts and other timesavers. If you use Word 2007 at all, or you're thinking about upgrading, then this seminar is definitely worth your while. 

This seminar is pretty long (over two hours) but it's broken up into 17 easily managed lessons of about 8 to 15 minutes each. You can site down, watch a lesson, review the material, play with it yourself, and experiment. Do a little bit each day. It's long, but it's comprehensive - you won't miss a single step as I've recorded everything from start to finish. Of course, if you have any questions about whether or not this seminar is for you, please contact me.


Complete Seminar Outline - Topics Covered

0. Intro (3:20)

1. The Ribbon (11:06)
Ribbon Tabs
Ribbon Tab Groups
Ribbon Galleries
Live Preview
Dialog Box Launcher Buttons
On Demand Menu Tabs
Minimize the Ribbon
Ribbon Keyboard Commands
New ALT-key Combinations
ALT-arrow keys
Live Preview
Mini Toolbar Popup Menu

2. Quick Access Toolbar (6:31)
Customizing - Built In Commands
Office Button - Word Options - Customize
Adding Commands
Moving Buttons Up/Down
Customize for All Documents
Customize for a Single Document
Choose Commands From Different Menus
Reset Quick Access Toolbar to Default
Show Above / Below the Ribbon
Right-Click, Add to Quick Access Toolbar
Commands Not in the Ribbon

3. Changes To Default Text (6:42)
Create New Document
Office > New
Paragraph 5pt Spacing After
SHIFT-ENTER for Line Break
Line Spacing 1.15
No Spacing Style
Change Styles > Style Set > Word 2003

4. Office Button, Part 1 (7:46)
Save to Word 97 to 2003 Compatible
PDF or XPS Add Ins
New DOCX Format
Benefits of DOCX over DOC
Save As Other File Formats
Compatibility Mode
Office 2007 Viewer

5. Office Button, Part 2 (6:44)
Pin Documents to Recent List
Print vs. Quick Print
Prepare > Document Properties
Document Inspector
Digital Signature
Mark as Final
Compatibility Checker
Publish to Blog
Document Workspace with Sharepoint

6. Word Options, Part 1 (7:22)
Was Tools > Options
Show Mini Toolbar
Enable Live Preview
Show Developer Tab on Ribbon
Word Color scheme
ScreenTip Stype
Personalize Username, Initials
Language Options
Page Display Options
Always Show Formatting Marks
Printing Options
Proofing Options
Spelling & Grammar Options
Save Documents Options
Embed Fonts in File
Typing Replaces Selected Text

7. Word Options, Part 2 (8:50)
Automatically Create Drawing Canvas
Smart Paragraph Selection
Smart Cursoring
New Overtype Mode Rules
Use the Insert key to control overtype
Prompt to Update Style
Keep track of formatting
Enable click and type
Cut, Copy and Paste options
Show document content options

8. Styles & Themes (8:46)
How Styles Work
Style Sets
Quick Styles
Update Style to Match Selection
Select Text with Similar Formatting
Style Dialog Pane
Document Themes
Theme Color Schemes
Theme Font Schemes
Theme Effects Schemes

9. Headers & Footers (6:20)
Creating a Header
New Header Templates
Date & Time
Quick Parts for Headers
Page Numbers
Content Control Boxes
Header & Footer Building Blocks

10. Graphics, Part 1 (8:07)
Insert Picture
Recolor Pictures
Compress Pictures
Change Picture
Reset Picture
Picture Shape, Border, Effects
Clip Art

11. Graphics, Part 2 (8:43)
Add Text
Text Links Between Two Shapes
Charts using Excel

12. Building Blocks (6:51)
QuickParts Replace AutoText
Building Blocks Organizer
Insert Cover Page
Create Your Own QuickParts
F3 to Insert QuickPart

13. Miscellaneous, Part 1 (8:12)
Equation Editor
Equation Tools, Structures, Gallery
New Layout Modes
Print Layout, Normal, Draft, etc.
Zoom Changes
Spell Check
Contextual Spelling Checker
Research Pane
Stock Quotes

14. Miscellaneous, Part 2 (7:43)
Page Layout Tab
Setting Tab Stops
Tab Stop Dialog
New Table Styles
Customize Status Bar

15. Miscellaneous, Part 3 (11:02)
Bullets, Bullet Pictures
Multi-Level Lists
No Multi-Document Interface
Switch Windows
View > Thumbnails
Document Map
Print Preview Edit Mode
Shrink One Page
Ribbon Font Buttons for Easy Access
Clear Formatting
Change Case
References Tab
Table of Contents
Footnotes & Endnotes
Table of Figures
New Bibliography Creator

16. Miscellaneous, Part 4 (11:01)
Downloading Templates
Microsoft Online
Downloading Calendar Templates
Mail Merge
Compare Two Documents

17. Conclusion (1:12)





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