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This course covers the older Visual Basic 6.0 programming application. Microsoft no longer sells VB6. If you want to learn VB6, you'll have to find a used copy somewhere like eBay or Craigslist. We will be updating this course for use with the latest edition of Visual Studio soon. If you've purchased this course within the last year, you'll get a free upgrade when it's released.

Courses - Microsoft Visual Basic 6

Learn Visual Basic
Visual Basic
design is one of our specialties.
Before he started teaching, our president was a
full-time VB and MS Access database developer.

Get started learning for just $5.99

Complete Topic Index

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 Visual Basic 101 $1
 Introduction to Microsoft Visual Basic
       Programming basics, VB interface, forms, subroutines,
   MsgBox, command buttons, captions, build a calculator
 Visual Basic 102 $1
 Beginner Microsoft Visual Basic
       If/Then, Inputbox, variables, random numbers, For/Next,
   Looping, image controls, PMT, build a loan calculator
 Visual Basic 103 $5.99
 Beginner Microsoft Visual Basic
      Events, Properties, Variables, Select Case, Form Resize,
   BorderStyle, StartupPosition, LEN, Option Explicit, More
 Visual Basic 104 $9.99
 Beginner Microsoft Visual Basic
      Multiple Forms, Load, Show, Modal Forms, Date Functions,
   Startup Form, Rounding, MultiLine TextBox, CheckBox
 Visual Basic 105 $12.99
 Learning Microsoft Visual Basic
      Option Buttons, Control Arrays, List Boxes, MultiSelect,
   ComboBox, Scroll Bars, Timer Control, Drop-Down List
 Visual Basic 106 $15.99
 Learning Microsoft Visual Basic
      Frames, Format Menu, Event Timing, GotFocus, Shapes,
   Advanced MsgBox, Common Dialog, Drive/Dir/File List
 Visual Basic 107 $16.99
 Learning Microsoft Visual Basic
      StatusBar, ProgressBar, AVI Control, UpDown, Slider,
   Calendar, Tabs, Rich Text, Build a Word Processor
 Visual Basic 201 $19.99
 Intermediate Microsoft Visual Basic
      Writing Text Files, Open For Output As, Print #1,
   Reading Files, Line Input, TabIndex, Delimited Strings
 Visual Basic 202 $19.99
 Intermediate Microsoft Visual Basic
      Hot Dog Stand: Real World Application, Log Files, Import
   Text to Excel, User-Defined Types, Arrays, Tons of Functions!
   Visual Basic 203
 Visual Basic 203 - UNDER DEVELOPMENT
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   VB Seminar
 Visual Basic Online Seminar
   Video recorded from our live online VB Seminar
   A great overview of the fundamentals of VB programming
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developer courses? Click Here!


Are you using VB.NET, 2005, or 2008? If so, Click Here.


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