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Courses - Visual Basic


69 Minutes

1. Intro
- Introduction
- Objectives
- Goal
- Pre-Requisites

2. Definitions
- What is a program?
- What are objects?
- Properties, methods, & events
- What is Visual Basic?

3. Getting Started
- Our first program
- Starting Visual Basic
- New Project window
- What is a Project?
- Parts of the VB interface
- The toolbox
- Form1
- The Project Explorer
- Properties window
- Form layout window
- What is a Form?
- Creating a Command Button
- Object names
- Running your program
- Using the Code window
- What is a Subroutine?
- Proper indentation of code
- The MsgBox command
- Saving your Form & Project
- Creating a folder for your VB projects

4. Properties
- Resizing a Command Button
- Moving a button
- Setting the Caption property
- Command button caption
- Form caption
- Form background color
- Changing the Name of a button
- HelloButton
- "Breaking" your code when you change the button name

5. Labels & Text Boxes
- Creating a label
- Changing the label's caption
- Making the label transparent (BackStyle)
- Creating a TextBox
- Setting the default text in the box
- Setting the Name of the text box
- Displaying the value of a text box
- String values v. object values
- Compile error
- Syntax error
- String concatenation

6. Calculator Part 1
- Creating a basic calculator
- What is a Control Array?
- Assigning a value to a text box
- The VAL() function
- Adding two numbers

7. Calculator Part 2
- Creating additional command buttons
- Subtraction
- Multiplication
- Division
- Keyboard shortcuts (cut, copy, paste)
- Runtime errors
- Debugging your program
- On Error Resume Next
- IF/THEN statement
- Exit Sub

8. Compiling
- Make SimpleCalculator.exe
- Finding your EXE file
- Viewing file extensions
- Running your program from Windows Explorer
- Making a shortcut to your program
- Can I share my program?
- What is the Package & Deployment Wizard?

9. Review
- Review topics
- Skills check
- What's next?


67 Minutes

1. Intro
- Introduction
- Objectives
- Goal
- Pre-Requisites

2. If Then Else
- If / Then
- ElseIf
- Else

3. InputBox & Combo Box
- InputBox
- Combo Box

4. Math Quiz
- Variables
- Random Numbers
- Comments

5. Multiplication Quiz
- For / Next Loop

6. Image Viewer
- Image control

7. Loan Calculator
- PMT function
- Line continuation character

8. Review
- Review topics
- Skills check
- What's next?


72 Minutes

1. Events & Properties

GotFocus, LostFocus
ForeColor, BackColor
Object Browser
Color Constants
vbBlue, vbRed, vbBlack, vbWhite
Getting ANY Color

2. Variables
Variable Types
Integer, Long Integer
Single, Double
Valid Names for Variables
Naming Conventions
Prefixing Variable Names
Private, Public
LEN() Function
Option Explicit

3. Test Scores
Using a Single
If Then ElseIf
Select Case
Case Else
Case Is >

4. More Events & Properties
Label Text Alignment
Form Load Event
.Caption property
.Width property
Resize event
Button to Resize Form Dynamically

5. Form Properties
BorderStyle Property
None, Fixed Single, Sizable,
Fixed Dialog, Fixed ToolWindow,
Sizable ToolWindow
Form Layout Window
StartupPosition Property
Manual, CenterOwner,
CenterScreen, Windows Default


71 Minutes

1. Multiple Forms

Transparent Labels
BackStyle Transparent, Opaque
Creating a Second Form
Project Explorer Window
Load form
.Show property
vbModal property
Modal v. Modeless forms

2. Multiple Forms, part 2
Read Value From Another Form
Date() Function
Calculate Days Between Two Dates
Calculate Years Between Two Dates
CDATE() Function
Convert String to Date
End statement
.Hide a form
Unload a form
Hide v. Unload
Project Properties Window
Startup Form

3. Label Properties
Building a text string in memory
Assigning to a label caption
Label AutoSize property
Label WordWrap property
Calculating days, months, seconds old
Long Integer v. Double
Timer control
Timer interval
Timer function
Recalculate Age every Second
ROUND() Function
Date() vs. Now() Functions
If String = "" then
Label Alignment
FontColor, BackColor

4. TextBox Properties & Events
Text Property
ScrollBars Property
MaxLength Property
Validate Event
IsDate() Function
IsNumeric() Function
CausesValidation Property
Selecting All Text in a TextBox
LEN() Function

5. Command Buttons
Default Button
Cancel Button
Ampersand in Caption ALT-key
&Exit for Alt-E click
CTRL-ENTER for new line
Changing BackColor
Style: Graphical

6. Check Boxes
Creating a CheckBox
No BackStyle
Getting the value
vbChecked, vbUnchecked
Changing to a toggle button
Style: Graphical
Changing the caption with code
Putting a picture on a button
Picture property


74 Minutes

1. Option Buttons & Control Arrays

Creating an Option Button
Getting Value from Code
Creating a Control Array
Control Array index

2. List Boxes
The List Box
Creating a List Box
Reading the List Box Value
Loop and Display All Items in List
ListCount property
ListIndex property
Sorted Property

3. MultiSelect List Boxes
MultiSelect Property
None, Simple, Extended
Copy Multiple Items to Other List
Remove Multiple Items
.Selected property
.ItemData property
.NewIndex property
Storing ID tags with List Data

4. Combo Box
Creating a combo box
Drop-down combo box
Simple combo box
Drop-down list box
Adding Items To List With Code

5. Scroll Bars
Horizontal Scroll Bar
Vertical Scroll Bar
Value, Max, Min
Setting Value of a Text Box
Change Event
Scroll Event

6. More Timer Control
Longer Time Intervals
Setting a Textbox Value With Timer
Setting Current Time in Box
Format() Function for Dates & Times
Running an Event at a Time of Day
Enabled property
Disabling the timer with code


67 Minutes

1. Frames

Creating a Frame
Frame Properties
Drawing Objects Inside Frame
Moving External Objects Into Frame
Copying Frame Objects
Copying Frames
Shift-Click to Select Multiple Objects
Changing Properties of Multi Objects
Making a "Tabbed" Interface
Multiple Frames
Showing and Hiding Frames

2. Format Menu
Automatic Aligning Controls
Automatic Resizing Controls
Send to Back
Bring to Front
Form Editor Toolbar
Manual Resize/Move with Properties
Lock Object
Nested For Loop

3. Event Timing
GotFocus, LostFocus
KeyDown, KeyPress, KeyUp
MouseDown, MouseMove, MouseUp
Form Load, Unload
Form Activate, Deactivate
Change, Click, DblClick
ASCII Keycodes
MouseUp, MouseDown, MouseMove
Creating a Status Text Box

4. More MsgBox
More MsgBox
vbOK + vbQuestion
MsgBox Title

5. Common Dialog Control
Adding a Component
Project > Components
Selecting a Filename
Choosing a Color

6. Drive, Dir, File Controls
Reading File & Folder Info
Setting File & Folder Info

7. Lines & Shapes
Drawing Lines
Line Properties
Moving Lines With Code
Circles, Rectangles, Squares
Changing With Code
Resizing Circle


65 Minutes

1. Status Bar

Adding Common Controls Components
Using the Status Bar
Adding Panels
Date & Time Panels
Text Panels
StatusBar.Panel(x).Text Property
Simple Status Bar
SimpleText Property

2. While You Wait
Progress Bar Control
Max & Min Values
Creating a Loop for the Statusbar
CTRL-BREAK to stop a program
Animation with the AVI Control
Animation.Open .Play .Visible

3. Change Values Controls
UpDown Control
Changing Properties Other Than Value
Slider Control
Slider Change Event

4. Calendar Controls
Date Time Picker
Selecting a Date, Time
Invalid Use of Null
CheckBox Property
UpDown Property
MonthView Control
Setting Properties, Color
Selecting Multiple Dates
SelStart, SelEnd Properties
Getting Value Into a Textbox

5. Tabs
TabStrip Control
Microsoft Tabbed Dialog Control

6. Building a Word Processor, Part 1
Rich Text Control
Saving and Loading Files
Word Processor RTF Files
Bolding, Underlining Text
Changing Font, Font Size

7. Building a Word Processor, Part 2
Reading if selected text is Bold
Indenting Text
Set Color of Text with Common Dialog


83 Minutes

1. Writing Files

Open File
For Output As #1
File Numbers
Print #1
Close #1

2. Reading Files
Shell to Launch a Program
Open For Input As
Line Input #FF
Creating a Subroutine
Private Sub
Avoid Duplicating Code
Save Info About Form In File

3. Writing Multiple Records
Save Customers to a Listbox
TAB Order
TabIndex Property
TabStop Property
Write Out List of Customers to File

4. Reading Multiple Records
Cancelling a Validate Event
Making Sure No Commas Are Entered
INSTR() Function
EOF - End of File
Adding To Listbox

5. Breaking Up Delimited Strings
With Keyword
End With
Right Click > Definition
Sending Parameters to Subroutines
MySub (S As String)
Using a Second Hidden Listbox
Left and Right String Functions


90 Minutes

1. Hot Dog Stand, Part 1

New Technique for VScroll

2. Hot Dog Stand, Part 2
Setting up Event to Handle Math
Calculating Totals
Calculating Sales Tax
FormatCurrency Function

3. Hot Dog Stand, Part 3
Open For Append
Saving a Log File
Importing TXT Into Excel
Printing a Receipt

4. More With Variables, Part 1
Full List of Variable Types
User-Defined Types
Creating a Customer Data Type
Fixed-Length Strings
Array of Integers
Array of customers (User Defined)
Reading and Writing Array Values

5. More With Variables, Part 2
More Public V. Private Variables
Adding a Module
Public Variables in Modules
Public Subroutines in Modules
Starting With a Module
Sub Main
Project Properties
Startup Object
Static Variables
Constants (Const)
Intrinsic Constants

6. Misc Topics
Integer Division \
Mod (Modulus)
Exponentiation (Exponents)
Convert to Upper Case: UCase
Convert to Lower Case: LCase
Convert to Proper Case: StrConv
Left, Right, Mid String Functions
Trim, LTrim, RTrim
Replacing Text Inside a String
Replace() Function
Saving Quotes in a String ""
Format() Function
mm/dd/yyyy hh:nn:ss
Format(S, "$#,###.00")
DateAdd, DateDiff
Working With Time, Fractions of Days
Now + (1 / 24 / 60)


Coming Soon:
- Working With Files (Dir, Kill, Rename, FileCopy, etc.)
- Reading & Writing Binary Files
- FileSystemObject
- Accessing Databases (MDB Files)
- Lots More


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