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Courses - Microsoft Visual Basic 202
Description: Intermediate Microsoft Visual Basic
Running Time: 90 minutes
Pre-Requisites: Visual Basic 201 strongly recommended
Versions: We use Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, but lessons are valid for most earlier versions of VB, including 4 and 5. If you have VB.NET or VB 2005, the Visual Basic code we use is similar, but the programming interface has changed. These VB courses do NOT cover VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) which is what you need for Microsoft Office programming. For VBA, see the individual Office applications (Word, Excel, Access, etc.) Click here for more information on VB.NET courses.

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Notice: this course covers the older Visual Basic 6.0 programming application. Microsoft no longer sells VB6. If you want to learn VB6, you'll have to find a used copy somewhere like eBay or Craigslist. We will be updating this course for use with Visual Basic 2013 soon. If you've purchased this course within the last year, you'll get a free upgrade when it's released.

This course follows VB201. We'll spend a great deal of time in this class building a Hot Dog Stand application. Now, there's not a lot to show as far as different screen-shots go, but you will be learning lots of new Visual Basic techniques as well as tying together a lot of the material you've already learned thus far into a working, real-world application.

We'll start out by building our form to sell Hot Dogs, Fries, and Drinks. Notice the scroll bar spinner buttons to change the quantities. Our program will automatically calculate all of the totals and tax. We'll learn about the FormatCurrency function.


We'll use our file output techniques from VB201 to create a sales log of all of our orders for the day. We'll learn about the Open For Append command to add information to an existing file.


I'll then show you how to load this information into Microsoft Excel to perform your "daily bookkeeping" on it.

If you don't have Excel, don't panic. We only spend a few minutes with it.

We'll also learn how to create a printable receipt out of a text file that you can then save or print for your customers.


Now we're done with the Hot Dog Stand (for this class). We'll next learn more about variable types, user-defined types, fixed-length strings, and arrays.


We'll learn more about the difference between public and private variables, adding our own custom modules, adding private and public subs in those modules, how to change from a startup form to a Sub Main, static variables, and constants.

Lots of fundamental programming techniques in this course, so
there's not too much to show you in the form of screen shots.

Finally, we'll cover a whole ton of programming "stuff" we haven't gotten to yet: integer division, converting to upper/lower case, number and date formatting, calculating dates, and more. See the Teacher's Outline for a complete list of all of the functions we cover in this class. There are a lot of them!


 Click here for the Teacher's Outline

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