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Courses - Microsoft Windows 120
Description: Using Windows: File Management
Versions: Windows XP
Pre-Requisites: Windows 101 and either Windows 102 or 110
Running Time: 81 minutes
Free Demo: See Windows 101 or 110
This course focuses mainly on Windows File Management. We'll teach you all about files and folders, how to create, copy, cut, paste, move, and edit files and folders. We'll teach you some advanced file management tips, tricks, and techniques. We'll learn about the Windows file heirarchy. We'll learn all of the ins-and-outs of the Windows File Explorer. Plus, we'll teach you how to properly use the Recycle Bin... and more!

If you use Windows, but you just "get by" poking around with your files and folders - and not really understanding how any of this stuff works, this is the course for you. By the end of these lessons, you'll be organizing your hard drive into folders, and subfolders - and you won't have to "guess" where your files are anymore.


  Teacher's Outline

Lesson 1
Files and Folders
Types of Files
Browsing My Computer
Understanding Drive Letters
Exploring Drives

Lesson 2
Folders on C:
Opening a Folder
Going UP to the previous folder
Folder Views (details, etc.)
Understanding C:\ drive
Folder Heirarchy
Why Desktop is the top folder

Lesson 3
Windows Explorer
Navigating Folders
Using the + and -
Make a Shortcut to Win Explorer
Understanding File Extensions
Common Extension Types
Turning on File Extensions View
Virus Prevention Tips
Dangerous File Types

Lesson 4
Create a new file with WordPad
Launching WordPad
Saving your File
Saving As a different filename

Lesson 5
Opening Files by Double-Clicking
Copy & Paste
Copying a File
Deleting a File

Lesson 6
Creating a Folder
Cut and Paste Files to Folder
Understanding Copy, Cut, & Paste
Moving Files by Dragging
Selecting Multiple Files (CTRL)

Lesson 7
Creating more folders
Selecting Multiple Files (SHIFT)
More file copying tricks
Moving a Folder
Folder View Types (Details, etc.)
Benefits of Details
Sorting by Detail Columns
Filmstrip View Type for Pictures
Setting ALL Folders to look the same

Lesson 8
Creating Subfolders
Organizational Tips
Moving folders
Deleting folders
Selecting by Lassoing
Select All (CTRL-A)

Lesson 9
Creating Shortcuts to Commonly Used Files
Keyboard Shortcuts: Copy, Cut, Paste, Undo
Creating a Blank Letter Template
Open With to select an application to open a file
Copy & Paste Shortcut
Creating a Folder on Desktop
Warning about Making Backups

Lesson 10
Recycle Bin
Right-Click Explore on any folder
Deleting a File
Examining the Recycle Bin
Restoring a File
Permanently Deleting a File (SHIFT)
Deleting a File in the Recycle Bin
Emptying the Recycle Bin
Reasons to Empty Recycle Bin
Properties for the Recycle Bin


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